Are You Really Eating just Right For Baby? Here's What You Need To Know

Congrats mama!

We hear that you are pregnant! How exciting for you. A little bundle of joy nine months in the making.

You know what this means right? You can spend the next nine months indulging in any culinary delicacy you and baby are craving. You've earned it. After all, you are doing all the hard work, and everyone loves a giant pregnant belly, so why not load up on the Krispy Kremes and McDonald's meals? Before you run for the border and order yourself six soft-shelled tacos, you might want to rethink this aging approach to the pregnancy diet. Where feating was once totally acceptable, these days clean, healthy eating is the way to go for expectant mothers.

These days doctors are urging mothers-to-be to think about their gestation diet logically. For starters, you are eating for two, but not two full grown humans. Your baby is itty-bitty and doesn't need three extra large fries to stave off his hunger. Health professionals believe that during the first trimester only eighty extra calories will meet the needs of your baby. By the third trimester, that count climbs to 470 calories though.

Doctors are also stressing the need for mothers to focus their calorie intake to healthy carbohydrates over empty calories. Think legumes, milk, and veggies, not fries, hamburgers and ice cream.  During pregnancy, proteins like animal proteins are of better quality due to the fact that they contain all the nine essential amino acids. Quality dairy product allows for maximum calcium intake, and fresh fruits and veggies will give mom the biggest bang for her buck in the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants department. (Bonus- they certainly help in the pesky department of constipation, a common yet annoying occurrence that often peaks during pregnancy.)

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So just because two lines pop up on the very telling pregnancy stick doesn't mean that you get a free pass to every kind of junk food known to mankind my dear mothers-in-waiting. You're about to become a parent in a few short months, and the responsible decision making starts here folks. Yes, you eat for your baby, so do it right. There seems to finally be a "right" way when it comes to the best possible pregnancy diet.


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