Nutritionists Share What They Feed Their Own Kids For Breakfast

Children can be incredibly fussy eaters, so advice from nutritionists on how they get their own kids to eat a healthy breakfast is always welcome.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That statement is even truer when applied to children. Kids need a bunch of energy, especially if they are about to head for school for the day. The last thing you or they will want is to feel lethargic and done for the day before they have been made it to lunchtime.

However, getting a child to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast is something else entirely. Lucky for you, we have the advice of a whole host of nutritionists courtesy of The Huffington Post. Who better to advise you on what to feed your children in the morning than those who have made a living out of knowing how to eat well and are parents themselves?

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Founder of Mom To Mom Nutrition Katie Serbinski and her kids are big fans of smoothies for breakfast. Although most smoothies are healthy since they are packed with fruit and protein, Katie admits to sneaking in a few extras to boost their worth even further. Items such as spinach and avocado that most children wouldn't even consider eating. Blend them into a smoothie, however, and no one even knows they're there.

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Smoothies aren't your only option. Most kids want cereal for breakfast, and that's okay. However, a lot of the time kids and parents alike opt for the sugary brands. Regan Jones of Healthy Aperture has a neat alternative to that. While her children have a bowl of fiber-rich and healthy cereal each morning, she allows them to sprinkle a tastier, more sugary cereal on top. A great compromise that your own children might be open to.

The other handy thing about cereal for breakfast is it's simple enough for even your younger kids to prepare themselves. Getting children involved in the preparation process when it comes to their meals is highly likely to improve the likelihood of them wanting to eat it. There might be some spilled milk every now and again, but that's better than them burning the house down if you let them loose with a frying pan.


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