This Magical NYC Toy Store Offers Babysitting Services

Parents can now shop while their kids play with a babysitter only a few steps away. Located in the Flatiron District at 110 5thAvenue in New York, Camp is not like the other toy departments around. Unlike other retail stores, kids and customers are actually encouraged to touch things, play around and just basically be kids.

While some people think that it sounds too good to be true, it’s actually set up like an old-fashioned general store with kids’ products and all kinds of gifts that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. A lot of people even describe it as one of the most wholesome stores they’ve seen in the Big Apple in a very long time.

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When you first enter Camp, there’s a magical door that leads you to a mystical, magical place like you’ve never seen before. The first thing you will see is Base Camp, which will have a new theme that rotates every 8 to 12 weeks. From there, kids can walk on boards that are actually keys that play different notes when you step on them. There’s also a magic switchboard that allows kids to create their own songs with a Radio Lab and a bunk bed that comes complete with its own slide.

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If that weren’t enough, the store’s owners are taking things up a notch by offering to babysit your kids while you are shopping and out and about. According to Bloomberg News, children can stay in the store for free for a few supervised hours in their parents have a $50 a month membership, which includes both free coffee and tea. If you and your partner are looking to have a date night, the cost is about $60, which includes member-only activities and earlier access than the general public.

And because there’s just so much to do and see inside Camp, the store’s owners know just how difficult it can for parents to keep their eye on their kids while shopping at the same time. That’s why they are now offering babysitting services so parents can make their purchase during their children’s in-between playtime. This makes a whole lot of sense as many moms and dads often worry about their children jumping on the in-store trampolines that they have a hard time picking out the books and stuffed animals in the upscale book boutique.

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