OB-GYN Allegedly Performed Needless Hysterectomies & Tubal Ligation Without Consent

Virginia OB-GYN Javaid Perwaiz, 69, was arrested and charged Friday with health care fraud and making false statements regarding healthcare matters. The gynecologist allegedly tied patients' fallopian tubes and performed unnecessary hysterectomies without their knowledge or consent, according to federal court documents.

After going to a fertility specialist, one of the women found that "both fallopian tubes were burnt down to nubs, making natural conception impossible."

Between January 2014 and August 2018, the Chesapeake gynecologist allegedly performed surgeries on 510 patients, approximately 40% of his patients, who happened to be on Medicaid. Of those 510 patients, 42% of them received two or more surgeries, authorities said. Perwaiz allegedly intimidated many patients into undergoing surgery by stating that "onset of cancer was imminent" unless they operated.

Many of the patients were even oblivious to the fact that the surgeries had been performed until a later date, according to the court documents. In one case, a patient went to the doctor for dilation and curettage surgery as a result of self-diagnosed endometriosis and then returned to receive treatment for an ectopic pregnancy.

The woman was then seen by a fertility specialist "who advised her both fallopian tubes were burnt down to nubs, making natural conception impossible." Perwaiz had allegedly removed the woman's fallopian tubes without her knowledge or consent. In another case, Perwaiz allegedly advised a patient that she was at serious risk for cancer and said she should have a full hysterectomy. The patient "objected to invasive surgery," but elected to have an outpatient procedure in which her ovaries were removed.

Following the surgery, she was "shocked to discover Perwaiz performed a total abdominal hysterectomy." The doctor purportedly perforated her bladder during the operation, which led to sepsis and her hospitalization. Later, she obtained her medical records and saw the unauthorized hysterectomy, which was listed as "elective surgery," while there was no mention of cancer risk.

Perwaiz has had additional legal issues in the past. In 1982, he lost admitting privileges at Maryview Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, "due to poor clinical judgment and for performing unnecessary surgeries," according to court records. He had also been investigated by the Virginia Board of Medicine "for performing surgeries, predominantly hysterectomies, without appropriate medical indications and contrary to sound medical judgment" — but was "ultimately censured for poor record-keeping."

The gynecologist’s medical license was temporarily revoked in 1996 after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion, but he recovered it two years later. Perwaiz has been sued for malpractice eight times, according to the court records. Until his arrest last Friday, Perwaiz had been affiliated with Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

The Bon Secours website previously described Perwaiz as "dedicated to the promotion of healthcare to women from adolescence to menopause and beyond," with “surgical skills [that] are unparalleled.”

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This week, both hospitals' websites deleted Perwaiz from their listings. A spokesperson for Bon Secours Maryview told BuzzFeed News, "Dr. Perwaiz is not employed by Bon Secours or Bon Secours Medical Group. Like many independent physicians, he has held privileges at different hospitals/health systems."

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