Ohio Babies Born During Shark Week Will Receive Baby Shark Onesies From Hospital

The Christ Hospital Health Network collaborated with the Newport Aquarium to create their own version of Shark Week. Babies born during this week will become baby sharks thanks to the partnership. Just when you thought you were done hearing the Baby Shark song, it plays again in your head after reading the lyrics on the onesies of newborn babies.

The collaboration was inspired by Discovery Channel’s beloved program, Shark Week. From July 28 to August 4, the Discovery Channel is airing over 20 hours of shark-related content. The much-anticipated summer event is on its 31st year of educating us about various sharks. This year will be the first time the channel will air a scripted project. It will feature Josh Duhamel and Tyler Blackburn in a drama on the true story of the October 1982 shark attack.

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During Shark Week, any baby born at the hospital will receive a free Baby Shark onesie as long as supplies last. Each one features a cute cartoon shark singing “do do do do.” The hospital has even provided a baby shark Snapchat filter at their facilities at Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township birthing centres. With all that they’ve given for the week, it’s hard not to get excited for Shark Week, especially if you’re a parent who’s bringing home a baby shark of your own.

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Those who aren’t expecting a baby don’t have to feel left out during Shark Week. Many contests throughout the area will give you the chance to win some Baby Shark merchandise such as t-shirts and plushies. You can share your photos or view how others celebrated Shark Week with the hashtag, #BabySharkWeek. Guaranteed, you will have your fill of cuteness for the day.

For parents who took home their own baby shark during this week, the added adorable outfits only make their day more special. Shark Week will now have a new meaning to them every time they see it air on TV or read the buzz online about it. They’ll just have to hope that the Baby Shark song won’t be stuck in their heads until the end of time.

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