NFL Star OJ Howard Takes Needy Kids On Shopping Spree

NFL star, OJ Howard, spends his offseason giving back to children in his community in hopes that one day they "pay it forward."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end, OJ Howard loves giving back to kids who are in need. He decided that he wanted to take children on a shopping spree who might not be able to afford certain things. Howard chose 10 children who he took to Dicks Sporting Goods and gave them a gift card to buy whatever they wanted. Howard gave each of the 10 children a $100 gift card to be able to buy something that their family would usually not be able to purchase for them.

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Howard says that he loves giving back and it makes him feel so good. He loved being able to give each of the 10 children an opportunity to go and purchase something that they might have always wanted but might never be able to purchase. The only thing that he asks of the children is that one day if they are able to "pay it forward." He wants the children to one day to be able to give back to somebody less fortunate than themselves. It is very important for Howard to teach the children to keep the act of kindness moving. He said that he is hoping his service will be like a chain reaction. Maybe one day one of these kids will be in his shoes and will be able to do the same thing for children in their shoes. OJ Howard has made it his mission to give back to the community and children in need. The shopping spree is not the only thing that he has done for kids. He has spent the last four days giving back to children in his community. On Wednesday, he was at the Adullam House and then on Thursday and Friday, hosted his youth football camp where over 500 kids participated for free.

What an amazing man! If only more people who had the means of giving back did give back. People who are famous whether sports athletes, actors, or singers, don't understand how much they impact the children. So many kids look up to them as role models and Howard has shown these kids what a great man he is and he has given them a very good role model to look up to. If any of these children become famous someday hopefully they will remember this moment and they can give back to children in their community as well.

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