Oklahoma Mom Shares The Truth About RSV

A mother's whose child was diagnosed with RSV has shared her brutally honest story.

Respiratory Syntactical Virus, more commonly referred to as RSV, is a very contagious virus that infects children two years old and younger. RSV attacks the respiratory system. RSV usually just shows up in children as if they have a normal common cold. However, for a small percentage RSV can lead to bigger and worse illnesses such as Bronchitis, or Pneumonia. Bronchitis and Pneumonia can be incredibly dangerous to young children and the elderly and must be caught early enough to be able to stop before leading to more serious illnesses, or death.

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A first-time mom in Oklahoma started noticing that her daughter, Krista Driver, was acting a little bit off. She was 8 weeks old and her mother was starting to panic when she began to see that her daughter's "brightness in her eyes was not there." Mom mentioned that Krista had stopped smiling. She didn't know what was wrong, but she knew something was wrong. Krista did have a little runny nose, but she chalked it up to a common cold. Mom took her to the doctor's and she was immediately hospitalized for RSV.

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Krista was extremely dehydrated and also had developed a kidney and bladder infection. The poor little girl was suffering immensely and she could have easily died if her mom hadn't taken her into the hospital when she did.  Little Krista had to spend three days in the Children's Hospital in St. Francis. The doctors were thankfully able to help Krista with her infections and she started feeling much better. Krista's mother was so grateful that her daughter's RSV didn't develop into more serious infections such as Pneumonia, or Bronchitis.

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Dr. John Lukeman said that he sees a lot of RSV patients and it is really sad, because most parents think that their children are just suffering from colds, or allergies. RSV and colds have very similar symptoms. Dr. Lukeman says that children two months and younger are the most susceptible to having serious issues which can lead to increase chance of infant death. Lukeman pleads with parents to bring their young babies into the doctor even if you think that your child just has a normal common cold. It is much better for the doctor to say, "oh it's just a cold" rather than you not go and realized much later that your child has RSV. Better safe than sorry.

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