10 Baby Names That Are A Blast From The Past

Choosing a name for your little guy or girl doesn’t always have to be so complicated. Sometimes we can just have a blast from the past and choose a name that was popular well before our time. Names like Marlyn, Joretta, and Ruthe were once very much in demand during their respected decades. It doesn’t matter if a soon-to-be mom is pregnant with a baby girl or boy because there is something for everyone on this list. Most of these names may appear to be something straight out of a time vault! Continue reading to see 10 baby names that are a blast from the past!

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10 Bobbie

Bobbie is a short form of the once-popular boy’s name Robert. It means “foreign,” “strange,” and “traveler from a foreign land.” There have been about 107k babies who have been given this name since the 1880s, according to Names.org.

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Bobbie is a gender-neutral name which means that even if a mom is expecting a little girl, this name would still fit very well. This name was at its height in popularity back in 1934, and during that year, there were almost 2.2k babies who all shared Bobbie as a first name.

9 Shirley

Shirley is a great name for a little girl and it happens to mean, “bright wood,” “bright meadow,” and “from the white meadow.” Back in the day, Shirley was a very popular name. Some may even think of the late child actress Shirley Temple. Since 1880, there have been almost 695k babies who were all born with the first name Shirley, according to Names.org. That is a lot of babies who all share the same name! 1934 was the most popular yeah for Shirley since there were nearly 43k babies born in that single year alone with this name.

8 Ordean

Ordean is a very unique name that hit its height in popularity way back in 1930 when there were a total of 15 babies born who were given Ordean as their first name, according to Names

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15 babies may not sound like much but in the grand scheme of things, there were only 161 babies who were given this name since the 1880s in total. Wednesday, May 12, 1886, was the first time Ordean was officially documented as someone’s first name in the U.S.

7 Joretta

Joretta is a very uncommon name for a baby girl and this name reached its height in popularity way back in 1931, as stated by Names.org. There have only been about 1k babies who have been born since the 1880s who share this unique nameWhy not bring it back? In 1931, there were 194 babies who were born in that single year who all shared this lovely name. The first documented use of the first name Joretta dates back to Tuesday, April 6, 1886, in the U.S.

6 Seymour

Seymour was once a very popular name even though there have only been about 13k people who were born with this name in the U.S, according to Names.org. It is currently at number 72 on the Old-Fashioned Boy Names list. 1924 was the most popular year for the name Seymour since there were almost 800 babies born that year who all shared the same name.

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Also in 1924, Seymour was ay number 44 in popularity in the state of New York as a name for a baby boy and Friday, February 25, 1870, marked the first documented use of this name that is surely a blast from the past.

5 Ruthe

Ruthe is such an adorable name for a baby girl that also happens to be quite unique. There are only a little under 2k babies who have been born with this first name in the U.S., as stated by Names.org. Like the boy’s name Seymour, Ruthe had its most popular year way back in 1924; almost 100 years ago. There were 122 babies who shared this lovely name in 1924, and in the U.S., Ruthe’s first documented use as a first name dates all the way back to Saturday, July 2, 1887. Ruthe seems to be making a come back these days, but very slowly.

4 Harding

Harding may not have been one of the most common names of all time, but perhaps that’s why it sounds so amazing; it’s unique! There have only been a little over 1k babies who have shared this wonderful first name since 1880 in the U.S., and, according to Names.org, 1921 was the most popular year for the name Harding with a mere 235 babies born who shared this first name.

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Harding left the scene in 1959, with only five babies born who shared this name and then returned in 2014 and another five children who were given this name at birth. The oldest recorded birth of someone with the name Harding dates back to Monday, August 7, 1876.

3 Imogene

The name Imogene dates back to Saturday, October 22, 1870, in the U.S., as stated by Names.org. It is a great underused name for a baby girl with a lot of history attached to it. There was even an actress who was born in Philadephia, PA, by the name of Imogene Coca whose career began back in 1925; well before color TV was even a thing! There are about 27k babies who were born in the U.S. who all share this fabulous name, and Imogene reached its height in popularity back in 1927 when there were 1,494 babies who were born in that single year who were given this first name.

2 Woodrow

Using the name Woodrow as a first name was first documented in the U.S. back on Wednesday, May 28, 1873, as stated by Names.org. There was some popularity for this name with about 39k babies who all share this wonderful first name. The 28th President of the United States was named Woodrow Wilson. And let’s not forget about actor Woody Harrelson whose first name is actually Woodrow. 1918 was in the most popular year for this boy’s name with 3.3k babies who were all born in that single year that shared this name. That was over 100 years ago!

1 Lucile

Lucile is a fantastic name for a baby girl! There are about 35k babies who have been born in the U.S. since 1880, according to Names.org. Lucile comes from the word “lux” which happens to mean “light.” Perhaps that is why people who have this name seem to really know how to light up a room. The late actress Mary Astor's real name was Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke. 1917 happened to be the most popular year for this name with over 1.5k babies who were born in the U.S. that shared this lovely name. That also means that there is a lot of history for the name Lucile. A common spelling variation is Lucille, like Lucille Ball; the late actress.

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