10 Old Lady Names That Will Be All The Rage in 2020

The name you choose to give your daughter is important and with so many names to choose from, how do you know if you're selecting the right name for them? You want to give your daughter a name that is not going to come and go into fashion, you want a name that is going to still sound beautiful when they grow up.

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Sometimes the best names are ones that have been around for a while. Keep reading to discover 10 old lady names that are going to be all the rage for girls in 2020.

10 Margaret

Margaret is a classic yet beautiful name for you to give your daughter. Margaret is a charming old lady name that will be perfect for you to give your little girl. And the best part is Margaret is a perfect name to give your daughter if you want a name that has many nicknames since Margaret can be shortened to Marge or Peggy.

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So pick a name for your daughter that will not only be one she loves throughout her life but be one that other people love as well!

9 Doris


Doris is a charming name that is about to make a huge comeback. Though most people think that Doris is an old lady’s name, this name is just timeless. That means that the name Doris will be beautiful when your daughter is born and after she has lived a long and fulfilling life.

You want to make sure that your daughter’s name isn’t just a quick fad. So make sure to talk to your partner about the name Doris for your daughter because we're sure they will love it as much as we do.

8 Lorene


If you are looking for an old lady name that has a lot of character then you need to give your little one the name Lorene. Lorene is a strong name that is sure to inspire your daughter to hold her own and not just go with what everyone says.

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The name Lorene is different than other old lady names since this one has a lot of character behind it. When you picture someone names Lorene's you can picture a woman that speaks her mind, and this is a trait that your daughter is going to need.

7 Sally


Sally is a wonderful old lady name that you need to consider giving your daughter. According to Names.org, the name Sally means a leap forward. This name will surely encourage your daughter to not just live a safe life, but to take chances and to trust herself.

As a parent, all we want for our kids is to be able to live a full life of adventures and no regrets. Give a name that is going to inspire your daughter to live her best life.

6 Alma


Alma is not only the perfect old lady name, but it's also a stunning name that you need to think about giving your daughter. Alma is a perfect name since it sounds like it can be for a sweet old lady or one that has lived a life that people want to hear about.

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This name will let your daughter be able to live whatever kind of life she wants to live. And we know that the name Alma is going to be a fan favorite of parents in 2020.

5 Rosemary

An old lady name that has a musical tune to it is Rosemary. We know that your daughter is going to live a magical life with a name like this. This is a sweet name that we know your daughter is going to love at any stage of their life.

Rosemary is one of those names that when people hear they are going to wish they had used it for their daughter. Make sure you are one of those parents you used the name Rosemary and not one that just wished they did.

4 Edith

Edith is a graceful, old lady name that is perfect for any little girl. Names.org has reported that the name Edith means a gift of kindness and laughter. What parent doesn't want their child to be able to live a life full of kindness?

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This name is sure to be a memento for your daughter to be kind to others and to be kind to herself. Not only does it inspire her to be kind it inspires her to not take things too seriously and learn to laugh things off.

3 Barbara

A perfect old lady name that is going to be all the rage in 2020 is the name Barbara. Though this might not be a name you first think about giving your daughter, it's a timeless name.

Growing up, she can use the nickname Barb, to shorten it, or use the full name Barbara to make a point of how she is. Give the name Barabra a chance to be added to the list of potential names and you will see how you cannot get this name out of your head.

2 Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is a magnificent old lady name that you need to give your daughter. The name Gwendolyn is stunning with how it demands the whole room, just like how you want your daughter to be. Just like how powerful the name is there have been numerous characters written about in books with the name Gwendolyn, making your daughter feel a special connection to these strong fictional women.

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So when you talk to your partner about baby names make sure you bring up the name Gwendolyn to see what they think about it too.

1 Tillie

Tillie is a sweet old lady name that will be a great fit for any daughter. Tillie is not a common name nowadays, but this means that your daughter will not have to worry about another Tillie being in her class. Though Tille can seem like an old fashioned name, it is perfect for anyone that wants to be above the trend since many classic names are making a huge comeback.

Make sure to add the name Tillie to your list of baby names you are considering for your little girl.

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