Dear Old Man, If You See A Mother Trying To Wrangle Her Children, She Doesn't Want To Hear Your Stories

I had to go to urgent care with three of my children by myself. My 2-year-old was complaining about ear pain and he had recently been on two rounds of antibiotics. I knew I had to go in and see what the heck was wrong with his ears...again! I had my crazy four-year-old, my 2-year-old and my cranky newborn. We waited in the lobby with a whole bunch of sick people for about 2 1/2 hours. By that time my daughter needed to nurse but I didn't want to nurse her because I knew right when I lifted up my shirt, one of my kids would have runoff, so I was just trying to rock her stroller back and forth to keep her from screaming.

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We finally got called back. They put us in a room and left us there. In a small room where my stroller didn't even fit. My kids were fighting over the one chair, but then I had to sit there to feed the baby. My two older kids were screaming and fighting over the doctor's chair and then my two-year-old kept trying to escape. After about half an hour the doctor came in and looked in his ear and there was no ear infection. She then went on to explain that there was a lot of liquid on his ears which is probably uncomfortable but it's not infected. I was livid. We did all of this for nothing. I mean, I am glad he didn't have an ear infection but I wish I hadn't brought him in! He was exposed to more sickness than he would have just chilling at home.


By this time we had been at the doctor's for about 3 hours. We missed nap time and lunch and so I had cranky boys. I then remembered that I needed to pick up a prescription. I knew that the pharmacy didn't take very long and so I sat and waited. Then, an elderly man made a comment about my children. He then started talking about how he was one of seven. I saw my two-year-old running away and so I ran and grabbed him and hauled him back to his seat. Then my four year old starts asking me for a cookie. The old man then started laughing as he reminisced his childhood. The elderly man began spouting off a story about how when he was little he did a whole bunch of naughty things and he was always getting into trouble by his mother. My four year old told me he was so hungry and the man was trying to talk over my four year old so I could hear his story. Every time my kids would do something the old man would chuckle and start in on "oh I remember when..."

My number got called and the man starts on another story while I was trying to wrangle my two children and push the stroller up to the counter to get my medication. I was exhausted, frustrated and so done with being a mother at that point. I grabbed the prescription and I walked back to where we were sitting so I could gather my things and the man says, "anyways, where was I..." and starts off on his story again! His wife was just sitting there smiling at her husband's story while I battled to convince my children to follow me to the car. I finally said, "it was nice talking to you..." as he was in the middle of the sentence and while huffing I chased after my two-year-old who was already headed to the doors. The man just looked at me baffled and thought I was rude for cutting him off.

Look, old man, I am sure you have had a great life. I am sure you have a lot of wisdom to pass down on the next generation. I wasn't trying to be rude, but I was just trying to survive. You made my life so much harder because I was trying so hard to listen to you and take care of my children. I have had multiple experiences where people who are grandparents try to tell me all of their grandchildren, or them as a child while all I am trying to do is keep track of mine! I am sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I can't listen to your stories right now.

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