Predicting The Baby's Gender: 10 Old Wives' Tales

Doctors can find out the baby’s gender generally between 16 and 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Finding out the gender is usually very exciting and sometimes emotional for most parents. It can often become an amazing time where parents, family, and friends try placing bets or using other measures to try to predict whether the mom and dad are going to have a little baby girl or boy.

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Some of those methods are usually classified as old wives’ tales. If a parent wants to learn some fun and interesting ways to try to predict their baby’s gender, please continue reading below!

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10 The Way You're Carrying Your Tummy

The position of your belly is said to tell a lot about what gender your little one will be. If your pregnant belly is looking and carrying high, it is said that you will be having a baby girl. However, if you are carrying lower, there is a good chance that you will be having a little guy. This is a very well known and common old wives’ tale. And these days, for some people, this old tale often rings true.

9 If You Have Pregnancy Acne Or Flawless Glowing Skin

Have you ever heard the saying that if you are pregnant and you get an abnormal amount of acne for what is normal for you and you are finding blemishes all over, that it is a sign you are having a little girl? Well, in this old wives’ tale it is said that daughters steal some of their mother's beauty. And when a soon-to-be mom looks radiant and is glowing with flawless skin, according to this old wives’ tale, mom is most likely going to be having a beautiful baby boy.

8 Are You Having Heat Flashes Or Feeling A Bit Chilled?

Depending on how your internal temperature is feeling these days, it could actually be an indicator of what gender your baby is going to be. If you are feeling icy cold more often than not, according to an old wives’ tale, you may be having a baby boy. On the slip side, if it feels like you are having heat flashes and feels hot most of the time, that is a sign that you will be having a daughter to cherish.

7 Are You Craving Sweets Or Spices?

Cravings are a natural part of pregnancy, according to Healthline.com, the cravings can actually start during the first trimester and really start to set in during the second trimester.

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According to an old wives’ tale, if you are craving something more on the sweet side such as donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, and so on, there is a good chance that you will be having an itsy bitsy baby girl. But if spicy is your thing and that hot sauce is sounding better than ever before, you may be expecting a little boy.

6 How Bad Is Your Morning Sickness?

Have you been having morning sickness? You are not alone if you have been! According to Self.com, up to 85 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness. If your morning sickness feels horrible, perhaps worse than ever, according to this old wives’ tale, you may be expecting a little girl. But, if your morning sickness is barely there to nonexistent, you may be expecting a baby boy to complete your family. And don’t let the phrase “morning sickness” make you feel like you only get sick in the morning. It is an all-day thing. Feel better!

5 Does Your Child’s Father Have Sympathy Pregnancy?

While sympathy pregnancy is yet to be deemed a real classifiable condition, it is said to be very common and experienced by many. It all depends on what you believe in. However, for those partners that do feel they have sympathy pregnancy – feeling like you, yourself are pregnant even when you really aren’t – the worse the symptoms are, the higher the likelihood that the mom-to-be will be expecting a girl according to the old wives’ tale. If mom isn’t the only one waking up with morning sickness, perhaps it’s safe to say that mom and dad can start shopping for adorable pink little dresses!

4 Extra Swollen Ankles And Legs

Pregnancy is known to come with some swelling, especially of the lower extremities. As long as you don’t have any pregnancy health complications such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, and you notice that your legs and ankles are swelling more than normal (and you have been checked out by your doctor and are okay) according to an old wives’ tale, you could be expecting a little boy in the near future.

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It is said that being pregnant with males causes additional swelling, although there is no scientific proof to back up this legend.

3 Are You Feeling Clumsy Or Graceful?

Pregnancy brain can make you feel clumsier than usual. Just ask any mom, ever! But if your clumsiness goes well beyond the normal pregnancy brain, according to an old wives’ tale, the reason for the extra trips and possible colliding with the walls could mean that you are expecting a baby boy. However, on the flip side, if you are feeling much more graceful than usual, there is a chance that you may be having a little girl. Who knew that being pregnant with a baby girl could still have you feeling graceful after your daughter-to-be stole your beauty away from you?

2 The Dream Predictor

There is an awesome old wives’ tale that says that if you have crazy pregnancy dreams where you are pregnant in your dream that your baby will be the opposite gender of what you dreamt about. So to test this theory, all you have to do is lay down, go to sleep, and will yourself to dream of a baby. It really is that simple. And in your dream, if you are holding and cuddling a baby girl, there is a chance that in real life you will end up having a little man around the house.

1 Is Your Baby’s Heart Rate Over 140bmp Or Under?

One old wives’ tale that is said to be the most accurate is based on the baby’s heart rate while in utero. So, for this last tale, you will need to have your first ultrasound and be able to check your baby’s heartbeat. If the beats per minute for the tiny baby are higher than 140bpm than there is a good chance that you may be expecting a darling daughter in the near future. And if the beats per minute are 140 and under, then there is a good chance that you can expect a baby boy.

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