Olympian Kikkan Randall Gets Real On Parenting

Pro skier Kikkan Randall gets real about parenting. The Olympian recently shared she had to let go of any notion of perfection she had before having her son.

“As a parent, you always think you have everything dialed, and then something comes in and you just end up with this complete chaotic mess. You’re just trying to manage and stuff is falling and the kid is squirming,” Randall shared with People magazine.

She referred to being a mom as “messy”, but also made it clear “that is okay.”

“It’s just been really humbling to be a parent and realize things are just messy and that’s okay,” said the mother of almost 2-year-old Breck Stuart.

Randall is shedding light on what it is like to be a celebrity parent. Although aspects are different for celebrities, the down and dirty is not all that different than being a non-famous parent.

The 35-year-old skier often shares photos of her spending time with her favorite guy. She is now competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but still keeps her little man as her number one priority. The PyeongChang games will be the skier’s last Olympics, as she plans to retire once the games are done.

Breck has his mom's determination, and she hopes it will lead him into the world of athletics, too.

“When he wants something, there is no deterring him. I can carry him completely across the room and he comes right back to what he wants to do. I think maybe if he applies that focus to athletics, he can have some fun too. Although it might be power lifting at this point. He likes to pick up the laundry basket,” she revealed.

Like all other moms, Kikkan Randall only wants what is best for her son and for him to be happy. She knows there are obstacles as a mother, but reminds every mom out there to push through them on a daily basis.

“Something that gets you out the door every day, pushes you to work hard, challenge yourself through obstacles but ultimately accomplish and be successful and just have that great confidence,” Randall said.

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Sounds like pretty good advice for moms to follow, what do you think?

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