One Family Shares Their "Rainbow Baby" Story

Losing a baby is something that has the ability to completely shatter a person's world. With around 15% of pregnancies in the US ending in miscarriage, many families are left devastated. That's where "rainbow" babies come in.


A rainbow baby is the child had after a loss, dubbed so to signify hope and comfort in the face of tragedy. In a feature special on WFAA, one family describes their own personal journey. Kaisey and Samuel Shipley take a moment to chat with the ABC show while having a photoshoot for their newborn daughter, Millie. After two losses, they felt like they didn't want to try again, explained Kaisey. The prospect of another loss was overwhelming, but as she puts it, "They got a little miracle out of it." The couple shares two sons as well as their new addition.

Kaisey's husband Samuel holds back the tears as he describes his elation at hearing his daughter cry for the first time after she was born. "She was here," he gushes. Photographer Jessica Cook specializes in taking photographs of babies, but loves taking snaps of rainbow babies in particular, adorning the little ones with multicolored headbands or cushions. She always goes the extra mile with setting up the scene to create a keepsake that's personal to the family, sometimes having the babies grasp something that is special to them, like a small vial of ashes belonging to their angel brother or sister.

In the case of the Shipley's, Millie was photographed with her two living brothers and two stuffed animals that represent the two brothers that didn't make it out into the world. Jessica's creativity ranges from using milk baths filled with colorful flowers to pastel unicorns and rainbows made out of felt. There's no doubting that she takes her responsibility very seriously, providing families with meaningful art that they can keep forever to remind them that after every storm comes a beautiful rainbow.

You can watch the clip in full in the link above. Do you think the shots are as beautiful as we do? Let us know in the comments.


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