One-Pound Baby Finally Goes Home After 3 Months In The NICU

The miracle baby who only weighed one pound at birth was able to be finally released from the NICU after spending 3 months in the hospital.

Hannah Bella Rodriguez was 13 weeks early and weighed one pound. Those from her hometown of East Meadow in Long Island know her as the "miracle baby." Hannah's mother, Jennifer Pena de Mena, was hospitalized due to pregnancy complications but sent her home in hopes that she would be able to get through her pregnancy. However, one month later the doctors were really worried about Jennifer and her little baby. Jennifer's medical staff chose to send her to the hospital due to a decline in heart rate. They performed an emergency c-section. Jennifer said as she was in surgery she was crying because she was so scared. She didn't know if her little daughter was going to make it. Hannah was just so small and she wasn't sure she would be strong enough to survive.

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After three months in the NICU, Hannah weighed 5 lbs 5 ounces and she was finally ready to be able to leave to go home. The hospital officially discharged Hannah in a special ceremony at the Nassau University Medical Center at 11 a.m. The hospital staff was so excited to see her go home.

Hannah was the smallest baby to ever be born at the hospital and she was the size of the adult human hand. Although Hannah's odds were stacked against her Jennifer never lost faith that her daughter would be okay and healthy. Hannah will have to receive regular check-ups (more so than other children) in order to make sure that she is growing healthy and strong. Jennifer said that she is not worried, because she knows that her daughter is going to be okay. She knew that her daughter was going to be able to grow big and strong.


Little Hannah obviously was really needed in this world. We are so very happy that she was able to be so strong and to be healthy. We can't even imagine the joy that her mother felt when her daughter was finally able to be discharged. Jennifer thanked the hospital staff for taking such great care of little Hannah. We are so happy that Hannah was finally able to go home with her family and we hope that she continues to grow big and strong.

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