One-Pound Preemie Finally Goes Home After 100 Days In NICU

A little boy who spent more than 100 days in the NICU was finally able to go home with his family.

Back in May, we shared a story of a couple in Flordia who had a sweet little baby. He was born very premature and only weighed 1 lb 2 oz. His family created a Facebook group called "Fighting Finn" and the community rallied around the little boy fighting for him and fighting for him to survive. Baby Finn was born at 24 weeks after his mother experienced a blood clot which caused her water to break prematurely. When Finn was born the doctors only gave him a 50% chance of survival.

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Jessica and Chris Hill are baby Finn's parents. They had been trying to have children but they were experiencing infertility. They tried for 9 years and they realized that they were not going to have a baby naturally. Jessica and Chris used his sperm and her egg and went through IVF treatment. IVF didn't work and they had to turn to adoption. Jessica met a couple on Facebook who was willing to give Jessica and Chris a few of their embryos, but first, they had to talk to each other for a while. The couple wanted to make sure that Jessica and Chris were a good fit to adopt their embryos. The Hill's ended up adopting 8 embryos and Jessica became pregnant with twins. Sadly, at 10 weeks baby B passed away, but baby A (Finn) survived. When Jessica's water broke she said that she was devastated and she asked the doctors if he had any chance of survival. The doctors told her that the baby was much safer on the outside than inside, so they took out baby Finn.

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The couple said that it was a few of the worst months of their lives and it was full of a lot of tears. Jessica felt like she failed her son because it was her job to protect him and when he was on the outside she just couldn't protect her son. They had been trying for more than 9 years to have baby Finn and they wanted him to survive more than anything. For the next few months, Finn relied on a ventilator and underwent surgeries -- one to repair a hole in his heart and another to correct Necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC, a serious illness that affects a preemie's intestines, according to Stanford Children's Health. After 113 days in the NICU, baby Finn was finally released and he was able to go home with his family.

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