10 Charming One Syllable Names For Any Baby Boy

Finding out the gender of your baby is always exciting. After months of carrying your little one, you can finally start to picture what your life would be like with a son. But once you find out you can start planning on creating the perfect nursery and picking out the name you want for your little man. And with thousands of names to choose from it can be difficult to decide what name to select. There are many amazing unique and long names to select, but sometimes you want a name that is adorable, but simple. Keep reading for charming one syllable names that will be perfect for any boy.

10 Cole

Any Mom that is looking for a sweet name for her little bundle of joy is going to want to think of using the name, Cole. Cole is a classic and timeless name that your son is going to love at any stage of his life.

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Though according to Names.org, the name Cole has been in a decline in the last few years, this name is a timeless gift you could give to your son and it is sure to be on the rise again. To get ahead of the trend and give you son a name he will love with Cole.

9 Wade

Wade is the perfect name to give to your son if you are looking for a simple and cute name for him. Names.org has stated that the name Wade means to move forward. This will be a great reminder for your son to not keep thinking about the past and to keep thinking about his future and keep going towards his goals. Names.org also reports that the name Wade is on an upward rise with almost 1,00 parents choosing this for their son in 2017. So make the smart choice that many parents are doing and select Wade for your son’s Name.

8 Reed

A musical name perfect for any little boy is the name Reed. The name Reed is taken from the musical instrument with the same name, according to Names.org. With a name like Reed you are sure to inspire your son to live a lively life full of music and color.

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And what parent does want their child to live their life to the fullest? With reports from Names.org showing that the name Reed is slowly losing favor from parents, don’t make the same mistake as them by overlooking this name!

7 Chet

If you are a Mom looking for a strong name to give your son, you want to look into the name Chet. Chet is an uncommon, but charming name that will suit your little one as they grow up. Though this name has not been very popular with Names.org showing that only 37 parents chose the name Chet for their baby in 2017. This name is sure to be one that other Moms envy after they hear it and they will wish they thought of it too. So pick a name that will stand out in a crowd and give your little on the name Chet.

6 Grant

A sweet name for any little boy is the name Grant. The name Grant means to give an order. By giving your son this name it will be a memento for him to live his life without letting people influence him.

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And it is sure to make him realize that he is in control of his life and choices. Over 2,200 parents selected the name Grant for their son in 2017, as reported by Names.org. Join the thousands of smart parents who already used this name and give your son the name Grant.

5 Zayn

If you are looking for a one syllable name that is unique for your son then you want to give him the name Zayn. The name Zayn is perfect for any Mom who is looking for a unique name that is not too uncommon and unheard of. In the last couple of years, the name Zayn sky-rocketed as a must use names for parents to select for their little boys. In 2017, as shown by Names.org, over 1,000 parents chose to give the name Zayn to their sons. So choose this name for your son before it becomes one of the most popular go-to names for boys.

4 Seth

A classic name that is perfect for the modern world is the name, Seth. It means “gift from God.”

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And all parents know that any baby they are able to have is truly a gift. This name is perfect for any parents to give to their son to remind him that just like he is a gift to you, every day he has is a gift to him too. This will encourage him to love his life with no regrets and to keep the people he loves close to him. Make the smart choice for your son and give him the name Seth.

3 Blaine

Blaine is an uncommon name that is perfect for Moms to give their son if they are looking for a less used name. This delightful name is sure to be perfect for your little one as he grows into a man. And with Names.org stating that a little over 300 parents using this name for their son in 2017, in the U.S. you are sure to select a name that is not overused by parents. Give your little bundle of joy a name that he will not hear in every class he has in school with the name Blaine.

2 Luke

Any Mom that wants to find the best name for her son to love as he grows into an adult, is going to want to give their son the name Luke. Luke means light. So we are sure that your son will be the light of your world.

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With the name Luke, you will be encouraging your little man to follow the light that makes him happy in life. And what parent doesn’t want their son to be happy? Use a name that will be a perfect fit your son and he will appreciate a charming name with the name Luke.

1 Mark

If you are looking for a forceful name that is still adorable for your son you want to put the name Mark on your list. Names.org has the meaning of this name as warrior. Giving your son a name that means warrior will inspire your son to fight for what he wants in life and not to give up when things are tough. And with a warrior name like Mark, we are sure that when your son grows up he will be a leader that people turn to for advice.

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