This Onesie With A Mop Attachment Helps Your Tot Get In On Chores

Teaching children how to clean is such an important life skill. It'll teach them how to appreciate the things they own and the home they live in, as well as potentially leading to a successful life. Starting from a young age, even toddlers can be taught how to put away toys or clothes. Sometimes it can be difficult to get little ones involved in cleaning. Now, thanks to BetterThanPants and similar companies, parents can instill a love of cleaning in babies as young as a couple of months old!

Years ago, a company called BetterThanPants created the Mop Baby Onesie. Since then, other companies have been selling and manufacturing knock-offs of the original. What's important to know is that it's a long sleeve onesie with microfiber dusters on the elbows, knees, and bottom.

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Since infants spend time on the floor exercising during tummy time, rolling, crawling, and scooting to their heart's content, they might as well help clean while they’re at it. The microfiber dusters are supposed to help pick up dust as your baby moves around on the floor. If your baby is starting to pull themselves up onto the furniture, the onesie could also help dust entertainment centers and/or bookshelves.

Now, there isn’t any proof that these onesies actually clean better than a traditional broom and duster. Many reviewers say that this onesie is more for fun than function. However, there's evidence that the microfiber padding helps keep babies from getting bumps and bruises. That's because the microfiber dusters help to create a comforting layer when a baby rolls or crawls against hardwood floors. The description of the onesie says that it's made without any harmful substances and is fragrance-free. This means that the fabric shouldn’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. One reviewer wrote that the "Material is soft and not irritating on the skin even on hot days."

This onesie would make a great present for a first-time parent, or for a more experienced mom. It's available to buy directly from Betterthanpants.com or on Amazon. It's safe to say that smiles and laughs will be had all around when you see your baby sweeping the floor with their tummy. 

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