Best Online And DVD Postpartum Workouts To Help Lose The Baby Weight

One thing a lot of women consider or decide to get into is a workout routine after they have their baby. By the time you reach that magical 6-week mark, you should be feeling better and hopefully, you have the beginning of a daily routine worked out.

You may be starting to look into childcare to go back to work, or planning on staying home for the next year or few. You may want to get back into a workout routine to try to lose the baby weight and get back in shape, but are there better options or are they all the same?

You have the option of getting a gym membership. Those are usually pricey and you may or may not find the time to travel to the gym and back.

You also have the option of taking classes. These are typically offered once a week, sometimes more or less. Those can also be pricey but they may be more doable than finding time daily to hit the gym.

The third option is to workout from the comfort of your home. Then, you can pause the workout if baby needs you and you don't have to potentially pay extra for a sitter.

If you're choosing option C, how do you choose which home workout will be best? First thing is to talk to your doctor, get the release and talk to them to see if you have any particular problems with any types of workouts (like if you had a C-section and now have a hernia). If you clear everything and can choose any routine, here are some of the better DVD or YouTube/website workouts to try.


Livestrong has the stronger HIIT workouts. They aren't set for postpartum but these are good workouts. The "models" show both modified and normal exercises. You can look the videos up on YouTube or sign up on the site and they will also send you meal plans. The entire Stronger challenge is two months and it's free.

Moms Into Fitness is a website which has a free sign up period then it's about twelve a month and you get fast HIIT type workouts along with recipes, advice and more. It's run by Lindsay Brin who also is the woman behind the third DVD set on this list

Lindsay Brin's Postnatal Bootcamp is a DVD set that has specific workouts from pre-conception, all three trimesters and postnatal. You can pick up a copy online.

Fit Pregnancy is a really good resource for new moms and pregnant women who are interested in being in shape and maintaining health through and after pregnancy. They may not be a structured workout plan, but there are plans included on their website. This is a magazine you can subscribe to or you can visit their website.

The final entry is a mix of two websites, YouTube and Pinterest. You can simply type in "postpartum workouts" and find a wide variety of free sources on both sites.

If you don't want to pay for a subscription, DVD or do a structured workout, both of these sites have sources that you can do once and go back or find your own routine. You could ease into it using a simple or jump in and start a HIIT series. It's all up to you and what your doctor and body tell you what you're able to handle.

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