Online Mom Group Finds An Organ Donor To Save Baby Who Needed Transplant

11-month-old Callum Rescanski received a liver donation from someone in his mom’s online group. Andrea Alberto stepped up to give part of her liver to a baby she’s never met before after seeing a post on her online mom group. This incredible story is proof that online mom groups shouldn’t be judged too harshly.

Callum’s mom, Beth, posted on the online group about her baby. The little guy needed a liver from a live donor to keep on going, and it’s quite difficult to find a donor. To her surprise, over 100 moms on the group went to get screened to see if they could be potential donors. Andrea Alberto was one of these fellow moms, and she was a match.

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Alberto had never met the baby or his mom in person. They just know each other through their online mom group. The decision wasn’t easy, as the single mom has two kids of her own who she needs to take care of. However, she stepped up to the task because she knew she could save a baby’s life. With that, she journeyed from Boston to New Haven to donate a part of her liver.

Her decision is even more heroic because Callum’s case is not an easy one. The surgery took 10 hours because his damaged liver needed a live donor to give up part of theirs; it wasn’t just a simple transplant. After the procedure, his liver would need time to regenerate to its normal size with the new parts received. Thankfully, the two have recovered well and are happy and healthy.

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Online mom groups get a bad reputation because they have been generalized as judgemental spaces where moms compare their kids or make memes out of funny photos of their children. However, this example shows that there are groups out there that are more than that: they are safe spaces where moms give each other support. All of the members are moms who are trying their best to raise their kids, so everyone is sympathetic towards the problems that members share. In this case, Alberto imagined how much Rescanski was suffering and put herself in her shoes. She would do anything to save her baby, so she stepped up to save another mom’s.

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