This Online Trend Has Parents Sharing Their Kids’ Best Hide & Seek Spots

Parents are posting pictures of their children and their wonderful hiding places.

We love children! They are so cute and innocent and they sometimes don't think things through which is adorable. Playing hide & seek with little kids is the best because they either have a horrible hiding place, or they make noises just so you can find them.

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There is a new trend where parents are showing pictures of their children picking the "best" hiding places. Parents are taking pictures and sharing the images with the internet so that we can all see the wonderful hiding places that their children choose. Many of the photos show children hiding behind pillows where their legs are sticking out of the bottom. Many of the pictures show children hiding behind curtains where the little one's feet are showing at the bottom. One of our favorite photos showed a little boy picking the best hiding spot by hiding underneath a huge storage tote, but the tote was completely clear so you can see the toddler hiding through the tote. Some of the hiding places were children even hiding in spots where a mirror was showing them!

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We love to see all of the amazing spots that these children have chosen to hide! Children love to hide in places where they know that they can't see their parents. If they can't see the seeker then that means that the seeker can't see them right? So, children often just cover their eyes or their heads with objects to feel like they are hiding from their parents. It really is the cutest thing ever!

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The parents had a great time following their children around and seeing what they find to be the best hiding places! And they loved to be able to show their children's laughable decisions. One father shared a picture of his little toddler who found the best hiding place where he was underneath the shag rug where his upper body was completely covered by the rug while the bottom half of him is peeking out under the rug. The kids totally think that they have found the best hiding places and they are very excited to show off their hiding spot!

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