Only Genius Moms Will Be Using These Baby Names In 2019

When choosing a name for your precious little one, whether boy or girl, there are many roads to take. You may want to honor someone who has impacted your life. Or maybe you have a love of tradition and the history behind names. On the other hand, you may love all things modern and unique. If you want a name that is just as unique and special as your new bundle of joy this list of names from off the beaten path is the place to find it. These unique out of the box names are perfect choices for those looking for something unheard of with an exotic feel and spark of creativity. From short and sweet to bold and formal there are so many different styles to choose from. Any way you go is sure to show the world just how special this new person is that there is no one quite like them. With names like Hani, Ellery, and Arlowe your baby is sure to be the only one on the playground with the name. Take a chance on an out of the box name and you are sure to find something you’ve never heard before but that fits perfectly with your hopes and dreams for your new little one.

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23 Hani

From the Island of Hawaii and the beautiful Hawaiian language comes the name Hani. This girls name is sweet and soft in sound and definitely brings happiness to those who say it. There is no doubt that Hani perfectly fits its meaning of, “joyful.”

Despite the sweetness and beauty of the name, it has not gained much use in the United States.

22 Ellery

Ellery is a beautiful unisex name that comes from an English origin. While this name has had some use it remains relatively unknown giving it a strange sound that is sure to pique interests. The name Ellery is sweet and simple and means, “island with elder trees.” A beautiful name it would be the perfect unique replacement for more commonplace names such as Ellen or Eleanor.

The name Ellery has seen its share of the spotlight. The name has belonged to poets, athletes, musicians, scientists, actresses and also a pen name, Ellery Queen, used by cousin writers Federic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.

21 Winstyn

A whimsical and unique take on the classic Winston, Winstyn takes away some of the stuffiness and adds a more modern twist. Winston the classic version is so popular that it does currently have a place on the Nameberry name charts at number 405. Winston, and therefore Winstyn, is English in origin and has a meaning of, “wine’s town.”

20 Leander

For those looking for a name which has both a strong fierce sound and a meaning to match Leander may be perfect for you. Leander is a bold Greek name that is traditionally used for boys and means, “lion-man.” This name is bold, attention-grabbing and strong. Despite its traditional use, the name may also fit into the current trend of using traditional boy’s names for girls.

19 Zaina

Strong and feminine the name Zaina is definitely unlike anything currently common in the United States. Zaina is a girl’s name with Arabic origins and it is pronounced zay-nah. This fierce name has a meaning to match it, “beauty or grace.” Zaina is definitely a name that embodies the strength and beauty of being a female.

18 Lennox

Lennox is unique in that it has enjoyed popularity as both a girls and boys name and yet remains quite uncommon. The name has reached number 665 for girls and 408 for boys on the Nameberry name charts. This strong and unique name is from Scottish origins and it means, “elm grove.”

17 Ivelle

Ivelle is a name that appears to be modern in construct and there is widely a lack of information on. This sweet beautiful name is one that may be Australian in origin and has not seen much popularity elsewhere as of yet. With its extremely feminine sound, this name is perfect for parents would love the -ella and -bella ending names but are looking for something different.

16 Esca

Esca is another name with a somewhat mysterious past. The name Esca may be short but it is definitely bold and commands attention. Esca is said to have a Celtic origin and mean, “river.” This name is not given a gender assignment. With its bold and commanding sound, it is strong but not too masculine so I would say it could be used for a boy or a girl depending on personal preference.

15 Catina

Catina is a sassy and strong variation on the fan favorite name Catherine and is the perfect way to modernize the name and make it more unique. The name Catina would be the perfect option for those looking to honor a Catherine without having to mimic the name completely. Catina gets its origins and meaning from the formidable classic Catherine. Catherine is Greek in origin and means, “pure.” Catherine has gained so much popularity that it currently sits at number 198 on the Nameberry charts.

14 Huxley

Huxley is a name that despite being very infrequently heard in the United States has gained enough of a following to make the Nameberry charts at number 790. Huxley is a name that mixes an old school sound with a modern look. The name is English in origin and means, “inhospitable place.”

13 Vela

A short and to the point name Vela has its origins in Sanskrit. The name Vela is strong and bold but simple and classic at the same time. This little beauty has a meaning of “shore or coast,” making it perfect for parents who love nature and the ocean but still want a name that commands attention.

12 Foley

A name fit for a pirate Foley is Irish in origin and means, “plunderer.” Originally a surname Foley has become more popular as a first name in recent years. The name Foley has a modern sound to it that makes it a prime choice for parents. While Foley is currently listed as a boy’s name that name is one that fits into the trend of using traditional boy’s names for girls.

11 Iovanna

The name Iovanna has an unknown origin but the cloudy background adds to the mystic of the name. Iovanna is associated with many meaning such as, “light, torch, sun ray, corposant, bright one, shine one, or spiritual light.” The name Iovanna is traditionally a girl’s name.

10 Titan

Titan is a name that comes from a Greek background and has roots in Greek mythology. Titan means “defender.” The name has gained enough popularity to land a place on the Nameberry name charts at number 620 .

This name has come into the spotlight in two major ways. The first was in Greek mythology where the Titans were a band of immortal and powerful giants. The second time the name hit the spotlight was with the movie Remember the Titans, which Nameberry attributes to the names current spot on the name chart.

9 Gideon

Gideon is a name with Hebrew origins that has an interesting meaning, to say the least. Gideon means, “hewer, or having a stump for a hand.” Despite this strange meaning the name Gideon has an interesting enough sound to it that it has gained itself a place on the name charts. The Nameberry popularity charts have the name Gideon currently ranked at number 304 on the name charts.

8 Deacon

Traditionally a Greek boy’s name Deacon is strong. The name Deacon could potentially be a girl’s name for parents who are a fan of the current trend of using traditional boys names like Riley or Cody for girls. Deacon means, “messenger or servant.” The name Deacon has made is all the way to number 502 on the Nameberry name charts.

7 Zillah

A beautiful variation on the name Zilla, Zillah is longer and has a more finished look to it. This line of names from Hebrew origins and have a meaning of “shadow.” Zillah has an exotic but feminine feel to it and is by far one of the simplest but most unique names on this list.

The name Zillah has not seen much of the spotlight which is not surprising due to its unique nature.

6 Lorcan

If you have a fiery little warrior this Irish name may be the one that fits for you. The name Lorcan is a traditional Irish boy’s name and it means, “little or fierce.” Lorcan has a long history in Ireland and has belonged to many kings. This royal name has also made an appearance in the Harry Potter series as one of the twin sons of Luna Lovegood Scamander.

5 Neysa

Neysa is a beautiful, whimsical looking name that can be a variation on either Agnes or Nessa. Agnes is a more traditional sounding name which comes from Greek origins. The name means “pure or virginal.” Nessa is a Scandinavian name which means, “headlands or promontory.” Agnes may be a good option for traditionalist and Nessa for those who like simplicity. However, Neysa has a modern and magical edge to it that goes beyond the names it is based on.

4 Alarik

Strong, sharp and commanding the name Alarik is a variation on the name Adalrich which comes from the classic Alaric. While Alarik has not yet gained a place for itself on the charts the classic version of these German names Alaric has. Alaric is currently at number 994 on the Nameberry name charts. The classic Alaric is given the meaning, “all-powerful ruler,” while the more modern Alarik means, “noble ruler.”

3 Frost

Frost is a name that is English in origin and definitely inspires images of a beautiful white Christmas. Frost can be used for either girls or boys and means, “freezing.” Frost is a word name, it takes a based common word that is beautiful to say and brings to mind wonderful images and turns it into a name.

2 Howlan

Howlan is a more formal sounding variation on the name Howel. Howel is an English name which is traditionally given to boys. The name means, “land with hills,” making it a classic place name. This name is also considered to be a variation on the name Howard and would be a fantastic way to honor a Howard without having to utilize the name.

1 Imrie

If you are looking for a name that provides strength without having an overly masculine sound take a peek at Imrie. From the name Imre which is German and then Hungarian in origin the name Imre means, “strength.” Imre is pronounced EEM-reh which is much simpler than it may at first appear. Imrie shares a similar sound. In addition to the two spellings mentioned there is also Omri as an option.

Imrie has a unique sound and look that is unlike anything that is currently popular in the United States. With this name, your child is sure to have something precious and one of a kind just like them and with as meaning of strength what could be a more perfect hope for your little bundle of joy.

Sources: NameBerry

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