Opa! The Best Names Of Greek Origin

When parents begin to choose names for their future children, they often think about which ones sound the best. However, there are many other factors to consider in this situation as well. Some of these include whether or not the name fits the baby's sex, and if it does not, how you can change the spelling, or any other part of the name you have picked, so that it will better fit a boy or a girl. Others are the meaning of the name you and your mate choose, and whether or not it will be easy to spell or pronounce, especially when teaching your child how to write his or her own name in the future.

While there are a lot of great choices, it is important to pick a name that you think will suit your baby well. One thing that many of us do not realize when choosing the name everyone will use to refer to our child in the future is the fact that many of today's most popular names do have at least a little bit of a Greek origin. Here are some names that come from that category.

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15 Elena

Elena is a beautiful name tied to Greek history. Many of the more popular names today have been around for much longer than we realize. Also, because of this, most of them come with a variety of rich and colorful histories.

Elena is no exception to this rule. Though it has a big background based from ancient Greece, the name is also used in other areas as well. These include English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian backgrounds. Variations of the name include Elaine, Ellen, Hellen, and even Selena.

In Greek, the name can mean different things. Various Greek meanings for this name include “bright one,” “torchlight,” and “sun,” from the sun god in ancient Greek mythology.

This is primarily a name used for girls. If you want to give your daughter an interesting name that it used not only in Greece, but other countries as well, then this is a wonderful choice for you and your mate to pick.

14 Agatha

Along with Elena, there are some other great names for baby girls that hold a Greek origin. Some of these are also names of great artists from history.

A name that fits in well with this topic is Agatha. It is also Latin, and it comes from the Greek name Agathe. There is also a masculine form of the name. The male version is Agathius.

According to the Greek language, this name means “good.” It also is said to mean “honorable,” as well. Other forms of the name include Aquitha, and Agathy.

If you pick this name for your child, they will share the name with some pretty remarkable people. The patron saint of bell ringers, Saint Agatha, was a martyrd after she chose not to marry a man who was a Roman consul. Also, your child would share the name with the great mystery writer, Agatha Christie.

13 Ariana

Speaking of names that are of Greek origin, as well as others, this is yet another one. This name is a very popular and cute one for little baby girls.

Aside from it's Greek background, the name Ariana is also of Welsh and Italian backgrounds. In Welsh, the name is said to mean something along the lines of “silver.” The popularity of this name is continuing to rise around the world, and has been somewhat common since the year 1991.

It has climbed even higher on the list of popular names for girls in recent years. This may also have something to do with famous faces who share the name. These well known individuals include singer Ariana Grande, as well as television actress Ariana Madix.

There are numerous variations to the spelling and pronunciation of this awesome female name. Just a few of these are Arianai and Abiana.

12 Tamas

Now that we have discussed some great Greek names for girls (there are many more to come), here is one with a more masculine identity. Though it is less common than a lot of others, it is definitely something you will want to consider if you are searching for a unique name for your future son.

Tamas is pronounced much like how many of us pronounce Thomas. This is a name that is great for making sure your child stands out from others with more commonly used names.

This is another one that has multiple backgrounds. But with that being said, it is not as widespread as the ones I have already listed here.

Tamas does not only come from Greek history. It also stems from Hungarian background as well. In fact, it is the 18th most popular name for young boys in Hungary.

11 Tate

While some of the names that have made this list so far are not ones we hear very often, others, such as Ariana, have become more popular in recent years. Another one that has seen a similar boost in popularity is the name Tate.

Just like the others, there are more ethnicities attached to this name than just it's Greek connection. Tate also comes from an English background as well. As far as the english background goes, the name was derived from an older name, Tata.

Tate is another name that is slightly well known in the world of entertainment. In season one of the horror themed television show “American Horror Story,” actor Evan Peters played a character named Tate Langdon.

10 Cade

Cade is a fairly common name with Greek origin. Greek history is credited with coming up with many of the names we use today when deciding on what name to assign our little boys and girls. While some can be used for either sex, which is known as a unisex type of name, most of them seem pretty gender specific.

One of the gender specific names is Cade. This name has become a bit more popular amongst boys around the world since about ten years ago. While this male name is of Greek origin, it also came, in part, from early English names that were also primarily meant for the male sex. Though it is not totally uncommon to hear these days, Cade definitely appears to be a creative name for young boys. Related names are Kade and Caden. A feminine form of it is Cadence, which is a beautiful choice if you are having a girl, yet you have a liking for the name Cade.

9 Eartha

Eartha is an often forgotten, yet different name. Among the many Greek names for girls, some are heard all the time and might, as a result, not be your first choice when naming your daughter. But then there are names that really stand out in our minds. Eartha seems to be one of these names.

This is definitely an old-fashioned name, and it's popularity had a small spike in the 1940's. Though it was used throughout the years before, and still used sometime after, this is not one that we hear all of the time.

Also, just as the other names before this had English backgrounds, so does Eartha. The name itself pretty much tells you what it means. More specifically, it is said to mean “from earth.”

There are a few famous faces who would be the namesake of your child if you pick this name. These are musician Eartha Moore, and actress Eartha Kitt. The name also has different spelling variations, such as Eartha, Earth, and Erda.

8 Gabriella

Gabriella has biblical connections. Along with Eartha, Ariana, Agatha, Elena, and countless others I have yet to name, is the interesting name Gabriella. This name not only comes from Greek history, but Hebrew history as well.

It is derived from a Hebrew word that means “God is my strength.” Perhaps the meaning already tells you there are ties between the name and the Bible. This name is very similar to Gabriel, who the bringer of good news, telling Mary that she was pregnant, and the child she was expecting was Jesus Christ, according to biblical passages.

This name is often used to name baby girls today. Also, it become much more popular in the year 2011. This is a great name choice for your child if you have not already chosen one because it is common enough so that your baby's future peers will be able to easily pronounce it, yet it's not so common that you hear it a lot.

7 Gale

Many of the names I have mentioned before have either been for boys, or for girls. However, there are some really awesome names that fall in between the two sexes, in case you would like to choose the name of your baby before you and your spouse know whether he or she is a boy or girl.

Gale is one of those extremely cool names. It is easy to spell, and easy to pronounce as well. Sometimes this Greek name is short for Abigail, while other times, such as this one, it stands on it's own.

This name is particularly popular amongst boys and girls in the United States of America. Though it is often used for both sexes, it is a feminine name. Variations of this name are Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abby, Gail, Gayla, Gayle, and Gaila. If you are not sure what you want to name your baby, maybe this is a good choice for you and your mate to pick.

6 Hillary

Hillary comes from a Greek background. On the subject of more gender specific names, there are many more that fit perfectly for boys, as well as some that fit just as well for girls. One of the names that is perfect for your daughter is Hillary.

This is not at all an uncommon name to hear, but it is a beautiful one to choose. Though it has strong Greek ties, it was taken from a Latin word. The original form of Hillary means a variation of delightful, cheerful, and funny. If you want to remember the meaning of this name, just think of how close it is to saying the word hilarious.

Perhaps this name is so well known due to the people who share it. Amongst the famous people named Hillary, there is actress and singer Hillary Duff, actress Hillary Swank, and most notably, politician Hillary Clinton, just to name a few.

5 George

Speaking of politicians, perhaps maybe you and your spouse would like to name your son after one of the most famous ones, who was also the first president of the United States of America, George Washington. This name joins the others that had multiple strong backgrounds all around the world.

George has a Greek history, as well an American and English history as well. In Greece, the name came from the word “georgos,” which means something similar to “tiller of the soil,” or “farmer.” Another famous named with this name was Saint George, who was the patron saint of England. In a mythological story, he fought a fire-breathing dragon that is said to represent his struggles with the devil. If you are looking for a name with great historical value, maybe this is the best choice for you and your partner.

4 Iris

Iris is not just for the eyes. Another name that falls between both sexes, and is therefore fit for a boy or a girl, is this one. Iris is yet another interesting name that is shared throughout the world.

Iris is a name is comes from Greek history, but it also stems from various backgrounds in English history as well. As far as Greek history for this name goes, it comes from Iris, the mythological Greek goddess of the rainbow. Perhaps this name is a perfect choice if you want your daughter to brighten the lives of others, and to be well remembered and respected amongst her peers.

In English history, it has a completely different, yet no less important background. In the situation, this name stems from that of a beautiful flower.

This name has become increasingly popular over recent years. But, it also was very well known in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

3 Thaddeus

An interesting name for a boy. Some names, while great, are much less used these days than others. They seem to go in and out of style, like fashion trends over the years. However, it might not be a bad idea to attempt to bring some of these names back into style.

One such name like this is the male Greek name, Thaddeus. Though it has risen in popularity a bit over recent years, it does seem to be a very unique name, which is one of it's many interesting qualities and appeals.

Along with some other names on here, this one was also mentioned in the Bible. Thaddeus appears to have been one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, according to biblical scripture.

Also, this name is no stranger to being in movies and television. There were characters named Thaddeus in a number of fictional works, including but not limited to “Get Smart,” “Police Academy,” “Spongebob Squarepants,” and season one of “American Horror Story.”

2 Timothy

If Thaddeus isn't exactly what you want when it comes to naming your son, and the other boy names on here do not fit your liking, there are more to choose from. Timothy is a name many of us hear, and it, too, is rich with backgrounds.

While it does have history with Greece, there are others as well. Timothy also has other cultural connections, such as American and English.

In America, the name Timothy is said to be for an individual who is God fearing. This is very similar to it's meaning in Greek. The English background of the name suggests that Timothy means “one who honors God.” Speaking of the name's connections to religion, there was said to be a boy in biblical days that was the companion of Saint Paul. It's no surprise what that boy's name was: Timothy.

1 Tony

Another one that can be used for girls and boys. The last name on this list is one that used to be considered primarily male. However, these days it goes well with little girls and little boys around the world.

Though this name is Greek, it does go right with the others who share many backgrounds. Aside from the Greek history this name has, there is also Latin-American and English history as well.

In Greek history of this popular name, it means something similar to “thriving.” Perhaps this is the perfect choice for you and your spouse to pick for your future boy or girl if you want them to be a lively and ambitious person with a nice personality. Additionally, the Latin version of this name means “praiseworthy.”

There are a variety of ways to spell this name. These include the original spelling, Toni, and Tonie, among others.

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