Oregon Woman Who Kicked Infant's Stroller Convicted Of Hate Crime

Woman arrested in Portland after she kicked a stroller because she didn't like that the mom was black and the baby was white.

You might have thought you heard it all. But, just you wait! We have found a story that is so bizarre. In Portland, Oregon a 53-year-old woman named Joy Marchenko went up to a woman pushing a stroller. The mother was black and the baby in the stroller was white and apparently, that really upset Marchenko and so she went up and kicked the stroller of the baby. She was arrested and sentenced to jail. She will be required to spend 30 days in jail and then she will be placed on probation for a year. She was convicted of second-degree intimidation which is considered a hate crime.

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The Multnomah County District Attorney's say that Marchenko saw the mother and the baby together. She went up to the mother and told the mother that she should not have had a baby unless she was married. She told the woman that she should be married if she is going to have a child. Marchenko went to a nearby bar and had a drink, but was still very upset about the mother and little baby. She went back and approached the mother again and this time she informed the mother she did not like how her baby was white. That is when Marchenko kicked the stroller with the sweet little baby in it. The baby was not harmed during the incident but the stroller was kicked hard enough that the little baby started screaming and crying hysterically. The mother took the baby out in order to calm the infant down. That is when police were called to arrest Marchenko.


We are honestly so confused by this story. How in the world is it 2019 and people are still being discriminated against because of the color of their skin? We thought we were past all of this! And why would this woman ever think that it was okay to kick a baby stroller just because the baby was white? This is just so beyond us and really makes us sad. Thankfully the majority of people are supportive of families of all colors. We love families no matter what color they are! We are so grateful that the little baby is okay and we hope that the mother isn't too shaken up by the incident.

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