'The Originals' Star, Claire Holt, Delivers Baby One Year After Miscarriage

Claire Holt gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and talks about her miscarriage one year ago.


The Originals star, Clair Holt, and her husband, Andrew Joblon, welcomed a sweet little baby boy in their family. They are already smitten by their son and she tells her followers that "there's no love like it." She realized that all of the hype that you feel about your baby is completley true! Although she has happily welcomed motherhood she still feels like it isn't real and that she is just living in some sort of dream.

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Throughout Holt's pregnancy she documented her trials and her tribulations through her journey. Her journey first started with a miscarriage one year ago. She was devastated about her loss, but was thrilled to announce a few months later that they were expecting again! She just prayed that "this" baby was going to stick. About nine months later they delivered their healthy little boy.

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Holt always thought that people might be exaggerating about the struggles of pregnancy. She always thought that she would be one of those women who worked out the entire time and then she would go into labor while cycling really hard on her spin bike. Of course, when the time came her body wouldn't let her do any of that. She shares that at the end of her pregnancy she felt like her pelvis was going to rip apart, there was a baby roundhouse kicking her right in the ribs, and peeing every 5 minutes was getting really old. Pregnancy was certainly more difficult than she thought.

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There have been a lot of emotions ever since her son has been born. She said that her and her husband and experienced every emotion in the books. She has cried a lot, some happy and some sad. She has been tired, and also filled with so much love for her son. Having a child is quite the adjustment, but it is so worth all of the feelings you feel throughout the entire motherhood journey!

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