Our Favorite Names from Games of Thrones

With the season premiere of Game of Thrones so recent in our minds, it's easy to ask the important questions like (spoiler alert) is Jon Snow alive? Or, better yet, what's going to happen to Sansa or Arya? What we forget to remember, though, is the fact that nearly all of the names in Game of Thrones are so unique and beautiful that we'd be fools to not choose any for our children. No one wants to go the route of naming their kid something so common that they'll have to go by their name + their last initial at school someday. Don't get us wrong, there is plenty of honor in choosing a classic name like Robert, James, or Elizabeth. Especially if there is some deeper meaning to the name you decide on.

But there is still something so awesome about taking a show, which in its own right is a straight up culture, and using it as inspiration to name your new baby. They might be hard pressed someday to find a key chain with their name on it in a gift shop, but they'll likely be the sort of kid "known" for having a cool and unique name that you gave them. In other words, you can be the cool mom or dad before your baby is even here. And these Game of Thrones names are the perfect place to start.

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15 Sansa

In the show, Sansa is the proper daughter of a high lord who is initially betrothed to the next king of the Seven Kingdoms. The name itself comes out so softly no matter who is speaking it, and makes you think if a princess sort of girl. Perfect for your new princess, right?

14 Arya

Arya Stark is also the daughter of an important lord. However, the similarities stop there. Instead of being proper and feminine, she is tough and can always hold her own. In today's world, she would be something of a "Tomboy", which isn't a bad thing to wish for your new baby girl.

13 Cersei

Cersei is one of the fiercest "bad guys" of Game of Thrones but part of that diabolical nature has a lot to do with her intelligence and creativity. We aren't saying you'll get a cunning and imaginative daughter if you pick this name, but it doesn't mean you'll get the bad stuff either.

12 Margaery

This isn't a name lost on us in the real world, but what makes it the most unique is its special spelling. Like many of the other characters in Game of Thrones, the spelling of Margaery is what sets it apart from its modern day counterpart. And it almost revamps the name completely.

11 Melisandre

The great thing about this name is that there are plenty of ways to create nicknames for your little girl if you name her Melisandre. There's the option of Mel, or Mellie, or even Sandra. Though breaking apart a beautiful name like Melisandre doesn't make much sense, if you ask us.

10 Brienne

The name Brienne, much like Brianne, isn't anything new to the world, but it is a take on a more common name, and the character Brienne is one of the strongest on Game of Thrones. And this includes both the men and women of the show.

9 Gilly

Gilly could be considered a shortened version of something like Gillian (as in fish gills, not the common Jill sound), but the name Gilly on its own is something so simple but still unique and beautiful sounding.

8 Lysa

The name Lysa is a softer version of Lyza, and alllows you to take on a more unique version of the common Lisa. What a difference a simple letter makes, right?

7 Eddard

Eddard Stark is one of the major players on season one of Game of Thrones, and it is believed by some to be their version of the English Edward. But it sounds almost regal, while still being able to be shortened to the much less normal Ed, or, as the characters in the show put it, Ned.

6 Vicerys

Vicerys isn't the easiest name to spell, or even pronounce, for that matter. But that's what makes it so unique, right? Isn't that the point of having a cool and unique name for your new baby?

5 Raegar

This is another one of those names with the popular 'ae' vowel combination, and once again, it makes for an interesting and unique name. Maybe those who choose this name for their baby will end up calling their little one Ray, but either way, where it stems from is pretty great.

4 Theon

This is one letter away from being the more ordinary but still pretty unique Theo, which is almost just as cool sounding and original to choose as a name for your baby. In Game of Thrones, the character of Theon becomes a not so savory character, but that doesn't mean the name has to stand for that, right?

3 Petyr

This is pronounced as, simply, "Peter", but the spelling is where it gets you. A simple letter exchange makes this a unique version of the name and even brings some color into it.

2 Jaime

If you need any confirmation of the name Jaime (or, more commonly spelled, Jamie) being made for a hero, then look no further than Jaime Lannister, who is a hero and a niversally agreed good looking one at that. Most parents want to give their children strong names, right? This is a strong name that works well for both genders, too.

1 Tyrion

This might be one of the more unique on this list of Game of Thrones names for your baby, but that only means that your child is that much more likely to be unique themselves. We can't imagine a kid named Tyrion growing up to be a bored office drone.

One of the first things you decide when you or your partner is pregnant is the name you will bestow on your new little one, and for good reason. The name you choose for your child is the first part of their identity, so it's a lot of pressure, sure. But it's also an extremely fun time in any new or seasoned parent's life.

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