Our New Adventure: A Move Westward

Well, it's official and the cat is out of the bag. We're moving!

Currently we live in the Chicago area. (Don't worry, mom. The Internet Strangers can't find me in 11,000 square miles amongst nearly 10 million people.) We're moving to a city in Iowa and really changing up our lives. I'm resigning from my company and I'm going to start working as a doula! This is truly an exciting career change and one I've been looking forward to for years. Birth work is my passion, and I am over the moon at the opportunity to dive in headfirst (insert baby crowning joke here).

I hope my hair is this cool!

Change is scary! It's also a good thing and it's inevitable. Forward momentum is what turns our darkest moments into mere memories. I've explained to people that I'm excited - and I'm terrified. That's the truth and I don't have the mental or emotional energy to build or maintain a facade or act all cool. Nope. I'm freaking out inside, and I might as well be freaking out on the outside, too. There. Are. So. Many. Things. To. Do!

Can we talk about how much it costs to move? It's a bit much. Honestly, I've been quoted thousands of dollars for a drive that's less than five hours. We're not moving incredibly far away, and much of our stuff is going into storage or getting sold. Even if we do it ourselves, we're still talking in the several hundreds. I'm probably not helping that number with the 10 rolls of packing labels I just ordered. Hey - I just like to plan ahead. There's a whole set of logistical concerns with putting things in storage, and by now I've perfected the art of packing and unpacking.

It is both an art and a science. Ok, fine. It's Tetris.

Once, I helped my best friends pack their entire house in 19 hours. I can't really answer any questions about the event, as it was an actual blur. What I remember is that it was the last 19 hours before the moving truck showed up at the front door. You have to know how to pack when you've done apartment living when you've moved nine times in ten years. Yes, that's right. Nine. I think I once left an entire basement full of crap -  not my best moment, at all. It's insane how quickly "stuff" accumulates.

My goal for this go-round is to get rid of one out of every three things. Moving through life is easier when you travel light. I know this, and I say this to you, but I am not good at heeding this advice myself. Which is why I'm still having to toss (or donate or sell) one out of every three things! I did the Konmari method before we moved into this apartment, and it felt good to let go (instead of regretful like that basement of crap).

I want everything to look like this, but forever. (Less Is More Organizing Services)

I feel like I'm reverse nesting - can you tell? Every to-do list in my head right now is moving-related. Of course, instead of actually *doing* the packing, I'm watching A&E's documentary by/about The Menendez Brothers. This is how I avoid dealing with the huge changes - by micromanaging the little ones to death. It's how my anxiety works. Instead of thinking about how I'm going to start a doula practice in a community I haven't even joined yet, I'm just going to worry myself with this roll of packing tape. Don't mind me over here, individually wrapping spice shakers. I'm just trying to calm the butterflies this new adventure gives me.

This is our next big adventure! And I'm so glad you're coming along for the ride. When was the last time you moved? How did it go - was it stressful? What did the movers break? Give me all your packing and moving tips, I need them! @pi3sugarpi3

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