OutDaughtered: Everything Fans Need To Know About The Show

OutDaughtered is a US reality TV show that first aired on the TV station TLC on May 10, 2016. It features a couple, Adam and Danielle Busby and their six children, Blayke Louise, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Page.

Blayke is the first-born while the rest are quintuplets. Blayke was born on April 2011 while the quintuplets were born at 28 weeks on April 2015. Ava and Olivia are identical twins and are the ones people have a hard time telling apart. Hazel, Parker, and Riley are what we call sororal triplets.

Danielle Busby had a hard time getting pregnant the two times she carried her babies. The couple struggled with infertility, which forced Danielle to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) for both pregnancies. Danielle still had a hard time with this and at one time considered going for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) but she managed to conceive.

The series currently has four seasons that focus on the lives of Adam and Danielle and the joys and difficulties of raising their big young family. Some of the issues the family tackles include; sibling rivalry, Hazel’s medical condition, financial difficulties, and house hunting, just to name a few. The show also captures the family’s holidays, outings, and getaways.

Here are a few highlights of the series we hope will help fans of the show get even more acquainted with their favorite out-daughtered family!

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20 Adam And Danielle Met At Target

Via: romper.com

Fans of the Outdaughtered reality show are probably wondering how the couple Adam and Danielle met. The two met back in 2003 when they were working at the same Target store in Lake Charles, Louisiana. According to Country Living, after months of working together, Adam finally gathered the courage to talk to Danielle. His first words to her were, “Hey, beautiful.”

Danielle was hesitant about Adam but after some time, the two began taking lunch breaks together. Finally, Adam asked her out and the two started dating. After two and a half years of dating, Adam surprised Danielle on Christmas Eve with a proposal. Seven months later, the two were husband and wife.

19 The Couple's First Date Was Really Bad

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When Adam first asked Danielle out, things did not go exactly as planned as pointed out by Fame10. Danielle had gone home to figure out what to wear when Adam first asked her out on a date only for Adam to call and cancel. Adam was to pick Danielle up when he left work but changed his mind and decided to hang out with his friends instead.

Danielle was definitely skeptical about giving him a second chance the next time he asked her out but she went ahead and agreed to a second date. Instead of fixing things the second time, Adam took Danielle to his sister’s birthday dinner. After the dinner, Adam asked Danielle for a third official date and the rest was history.

18 Getting Pregnant Was Not Easy

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Outdaughtered fans know that Danielle had struggled to get pregnant with the quintuplets but what they might not know is that the couple also struggled to get pregnant with their first-born daughter, Blayke. Country Living revealed that the couple had to undergo intrauterine insemination because they were struggling with infertility.

Danielle went through five cycles of intrauterine insemination and when she was about to switch to in vitro fertilization, the doctors changed her meds and she got pregnant. After giving birth, Danielle went on a cleansing spell and started eating right. However, when they tried getting pregnant again it was still not a smooth sail.

17 There Were Initially Only Four Embryos

Via: inquisitr.com

During their second round of trying to get pregnant, the doctor put Danielle on the same meds she got the first time they were trying to conceive. It was supposed to help with egg production and ovulation and on their fourth cycle of intrauterine insemination, the couple got pregnant.

According to Fame10, doctors used multiple eggs to get Blayke pregnant but fertilization happened on only one of them, however, with the quintuplets, they used only four eggs. During their first ultrasound, nothing was visible. When they went for their second one, only one sac was visible. The third ultrasound only showed four sacs. Their fifth ultrasound was the one that revealed that one egg had split and they were now expecting a set of twins and three other babies.

16 Doctors Had Said That It Was Unlikely That All Five Babies Would Survive

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When doctors found out that Danielle and Adam were having quintuplets, they were concerned that one or two of the babies would stop growing. They asked the couple to consider selective removal of some fetuses to make the pregnancy viable, according to The List but they refused. What kept them going was that every week their babies were average or above average in size for their age and that, they all had good heart rates.

Danielle gave birth at 28 weeks to all the five children but they had to spend a month in the NICU. Right after birth, doctors discovered all the quintuplets had heart murmurs but they managed to fix the condition with meds. Therefore, the couple had to wait a whole week before they could hold their babies.

15 One Of The Quintuplets Has A Medical Condition

Via: twitter.com

A good number of Outdaughtered fans wonder about baby Hazels Busby’s eyes. Hazel was born with a condition known as Nystagmus, where eyes make repetitive and uncontrolled movements. The condition also makes her hold her head at weird angles in order to make up for the lack of vision.

Hazel had multiple surgeries to correct the issue but ended up wearing glasses when she was so young. As stated by People, her condition might have interfered with her development compared to that of her siblings. Therefore, her parents had to hire an occupational therapist to help her learn how to walk among other things.

14 Having The Quintuplets Put A Strain On Their Marriage

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After having the quintuplets, the Busby had a follow up of unfortunate events that put a strain on their marriage. On top of taking care of six children and Hazel’s medical condition, Adam began getting postpartum depression, which greatly affected their marriage.

On one of the show’s episode, Adam revealed to his father that he had been struggling with depression and that he had to check out some times which did not sit well with Danielle. According to a source, Adam was vocal about what he was going through so that he could help other men going through the same thing. Eventually, he got help for his condition.

13 Adam And Danielle Were Also Having Trouble With Their Finances

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Danielle had to leave work and look after her six children, which meant that Adam was the only breadwinner of the Busby’s family. This put a great strain on their finances. To make matters worse, Adam would also spend money on ridiculous and unnecessary things, like buying a drone.

After the drone debacle, Danielle had to hire a financial advisor and the news they got was not great. According to People, the advisor told them that they ought to be scared at the rate at which they were spending money. He reminded them that they needed to start saving up for their kids’ college and in order to do so, they needed to save $6,000 a month.

12 The Couple Misled Fans About Having A Helper

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Taking care of six children is a lot of work especially for only two people and fans were sympathetic with the couple. However, they were quick to anger when they found out that, the couple was lying to them and that they had had the help a nanny all along.

Fans had no problem with them having a nanny, after all running a household with six children was hectic. What angered them was that the couple had denied having a nanny. They had had one, whom they described as a friend to the family as pointed out by Fame10. This revelation annoyed fans and some even boycotted watching the show.

11 Adam’s Postpartum Depression Was Tough On Danielle

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Mostly, moms are the ones who often deal with postpartum depression. Therefore, it came as a surprise to viewers when Adam announced that he was experiencing postpartum depression. What fans might not know is that Adam’s postpartum depression was really tough on Danielle.

According to People, Danielle was especially hurt that Adam had never revealed to her what he was going through to which Adam responded by saying he did not want to burden her. Despite her feelings, Danielle advised her husband to find someone to talk to because she was afraid that his condition would get worse and strain their marriage further.

10 Danielle Never Had Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Via: maternityweek.com

According to Healthline, 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women in the US usually have some type of specific food craving during pregnancy. It came as a surprise to fans of Outdaughtered when Danielle revealed that she never had cravings when she was pregnant with the quintuplets.

One would assume that carrying five children at once would come with all sorts of cravings but Fit Pregnancy points out that Danielle did not have cravings because she was working with a nutritionist and could eat pretty much everything. She also admitted that her pregnancy was easy and that she never had to go to the hospital because of complications.

9 Grandmother Mimi Was Pressured To Move Out

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After Danielle gave birth to the quintuplets, her mom Mimi decided to move in with them so that she could help her with the babies. She was also out of work during that time and needed a place to stay. However, instead of taking that time as an opportunity to bond with the girls, she shifted all the focus to herself and kept whining about how she was getting older.

Although she could not cook, Mimi did help with the babies but what fans need to know is that the couple was in such a rush to push her out of their house. Mimi was surprised when her daughter and son-in-law told her that they had found a few places for her to look at, as pointed out by people.

8 Danielle Wanted A Job After Having The Quintuplets

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Danielle had already decided that she would go back to work after having the quintuplets but after giving birth, the couple decided that Danielle would stay home with the kids and that they would live off Adam’s sole income. Nevertheless, Danielle wanted to be more than just a mother of a dozen girls.

The debate of going back to work brought a lot of tension between the couple. Adam kept telling Danielle that there was no one better suited to watch the kids than her. According to yourtango, the couple resolved this by deciding to be part owners of a rush cycle business, indoor cycling, and spin class.

7 Danielle Had A Four Minute Birth

Via: mrt.com

Every fan of Outdaughtered knows that the couple, Danielle and Adam, has quintuplets. What fans are probably wondering is how long it took Danielle to give birth. According to Pampers, delivery of a baby via C-section should take between 15 to 20 minutes and another extra 45 minutes is needed for stitching up the uterus.

Daniel gave birth via C-section to Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Page in that order and it only took four minutes to get them all out. She had to give birth via C-section because it is the best choice for delivering multiples and the babies were preterm having been born at just 28 weeks.

6 Danielle Never Had Surgery After Having Kids

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Just like other couples who share their lives with the world, everything concerning pregnancy and life thereafter was open for discussion. There were speculations that Danielle had undergone surgery after giving birth to the quintuplets since, after birth, she bounced back so fast to her petite body despite having a C-section. She was also on a high-calorie lifestyle while pregnant according to a few sources.

What fans do not know is that even before she got pregnant, Danielle has always maintained an active lifestyle and considering she and Adam owned a spin cycle studio, it only made sense that she would know how to get back in shape. Danielle denied all the surgery allegations and told her fans that her food-intake and exercise were what helped her get back to her pre-pregnancy body.

5 The Couple Made A $75,000 Donation

Via: scribol.com

The cost implications and the responsibility involved in raising six children at the same time, especially when five of them are all the same age, is clearly no joke. However, even though Danielle and Adam needed all the money they could get, the fact that they donated $75,000 worth of toys to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey was so selfless.

Most people think that the people who donate to such causes are only the rich millionaires who have so much money in the bank and not average people who actually are in need as well. This is a great lesson to us all.

4 The Kids Can Go Off-Camera Whenever They Want

Via: maternityweek.com

The quintuplets were used to having cameras and cinematographers surrounding them. Since they were born, the kids have always had cameras following their every move but they probably were too young to notice how intrusive sharing their lives with the world was.

According to thelist, because the quintuplets were still too young and underage, if at a certain time any of them, especially Blayke and her cousins who occasionally appeared on the show, felt like they did not want to appear on TV, they had the permission to go off-camera. Danielle had requested that the show and the crew respect all the kid’s wishes.

3 Danielle And Adam Have One-On-One Time With Each Child

Via: usmagazine.com

Fans of Outdaughtered would be happy to know that in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, the Busby parents make special time to have one-on-one time with each child. Some fans wondered whether it was hard for them to take one child and leave the others while others applauded them because this way they were teaching the kids about sharing.

On the show, it was evident that the girls had a hard time sharing toys with each other and Danielle was always trying to teach them about sharing. Through having one-on-ones, the parents hoped that they would learn how to share by sharing mom and dad, as reported by tvshowsace.

2 Danielle Is The First Female To Have Quintuplets In The US

Via: bustle.com

After Adam and Daniel had a difficult time conceiving their first daughter, they knew right away that all other subsequent pregnancies would be a struggle. Therefore, after giving birth to Blayke, Danielle decided to clean up her eating habits and followed strict food fads to ensure her body was in great shape before the next pregnancy.

Just as they thought, they struggled the second time around but to their surprise, they got the quintuplets. What fans of the show might not know is that Danielle is the first woman to have an all-girl set of quintuplets in the States. The girls are also the first set of quintuplets in the world since 1969, according to CafeMom.

1 How To Tell The Quintuplets Apart

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Many Outdaughtered fans would love to know how to tell the quintuplets apart. Although only two are identical, Ava and Olivia, the rest are fraternal meaning they each developed from a separate egg. According to yourtango, Danielle points out that most people struggle with telling the difference between Ava and Olivia.

She revealed that Olivia is the one with a square-shaped head while her twin, Ava has a rectangle shape head; Ava has much longer hair, too. Telling the other three apart is easy, Riley is the smallest and has the bluest eyes, Hazel is the one with red hair and wears glasses, and Parker is the tallest and the only one with straight hair.

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