Outstanding Professor Holds Student's Baby During Test

University of Texas professor held a student's sick baby so she could take a test.

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College can sometimes be very difficult. It takes a lot of dedication to make it to class, get homework done, and to study for all of those difficult tests. College is tough being a single adult, but it is even harder when you try to complete school when you are a parent. Parenthood is hard enough without having to worry about tests! Parents who make it through college are all of our heroes. Parents who are students have to be ultimate jugglers they have to learn how to take care of their babies and do all of the work that is required for their education.

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Katie Lewis, a 22-year-old nursing student at the University of Texas. Nursing school is very demanding and she is also a mother to a very young child. She had to take a test, but she had a sick baby that she could not leave with anybody. When her daughter, Allie, was only 14 days old she had to go back to school to take a test. Lewis had planned a sitter for her baby, but then the sitter canceled on her. Lewis had no choice but to bring the baby to the test and hold her during her exam.

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Lewis ended up not having to hold her daughter during the test. Lewis's professor, Dr. George, said that she would be so happy to hold the little girl while Lewis took the exam. George happily grabbed the little girl and snuggled her into her arms. One of George's other students, Natalie Norman, snapped the picture of the professor holding the little baby. Norman shared the picture of her professor. Norman said that the professor had performed such an amazing act of kindness for her student. Lewis was able to take her exam without having to worry about the safety of her little baby.

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Lewis knew that her daughter would be a little bit more grumpy through the test, but George didn't care. She was so excited that she was able to help Lewis out and hold the little baby. It turned out that little Allie was actually really sick. She had a respiratory infection and an ear infection. Lewis wanted to thank Dr. George and all of the amazing professors that have helped her through her nursing program to make her dream possible.

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