Overdue Baby Strangled By Umbilical Cord After Doctors Waited Until 42 Weeks To Induce

We all know the dangers of going into labour early. After all, a preterm baby can come with a lot of complications from not yet being fully equipped to take on the outside world. What is less talked about, however, is that it goes both ways: an overdue baby is in potential danger as well. For one mom, her baby was born still after outgrowing her womb.

Georgina Hardy, 26, and her partner Dave Squire, 26, found out they were expecting in 2018. Georgina experienced what she described as the 'perfect pregnancy.' Reaching full term, the couple began to relax about having a preemie and knew their daughter would come out when she was ready.

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At 39 weeks, Georgina's baby began to have a decrease in movements. After some tests, she was deemed fine and Georgina was sent home. She reached the 40-week mark and there was still no sign that her baby girl was going to make an entrance. The doctors, practicing in Essex, waited until Georgina hit 42-weeks before attempting an induction.

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As a general rule, 40-weeks is the optimal time to have a baby. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and every baby is different. The danger of being overdue is that the systems keeping your baby alive and allowing him/her to grow, start to tire and become not as efficient at supporting life. Speaking from experience, after the 40-week mark your placenta can start to deteriorate and the umbilical cord can become weak, along with other complications as well.

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For Georgina's baby, it wasn't her system's failure that caused her baby to pass. As her daughter, named Rosie Melanie Joyce, grew, her umbilical cord wrapped tighter and tighter around her neck restricting blood flow. With what should have been noticed during her scan due to decrease movements, Rosie grew larger over the next 3 weeks, eventually forcing herself to be strangled in utero.

Doctors admitted to Georgina that letting her go so far overdue was a 'mistake' and she should have been prepped for an emergency c-section after her 39-week scan. Now pregnant again, Georgina and Dave live in fear every day that something will happen to this baby too even though they've been assured that doctors will not be letting her go past 39-weeks. Georgina started a petition to challenge letting women go past 40-weeks pregnant to avoid more babies being lost.

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