Ovia Pregnancy App Might Be Selling Your Info To Your Boss

Ovia can sell your private and personal pregnancy information to your employer!

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When women become pregnant they often download a pregnancy app on their phone to help them track their progress. The app not only allows the women to easily know how far along they are in their pregnancies, but they also get to input personal information that they might deem as helpful. Women get to input information like their sexual activity, their discharge, their pregnancy symptoms, their personal vitals, and even pictures. It is an easy way for pregnant women to track their pregnancies and to make sure that they are keeping it organized.

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We live in a day in age where we understand that anything that is linked to the internet can be accessed by some fashion, but did you know that your Ovia information is not only being viewed but might be being sold to your very own boss! One woman,  Diana Diller, was using the pregnancy app to track her bodily function and her sex drive. She later figured out that her employer, Activision Blizzard, a video game company, was following along.

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Activation Blizzard is one of the companies part of a program offered by Ovia Health where employers can pay to offer employees a special version of the app as an employee benefit. The employers can offer up to $1 a day to be able to receive the data from the information they input in their device. The employer then has access to look through all of your personal data that you have logged into your pregnancy app. Milt Ezzard, vice president of global benefits for Activision Blizzard, told The Washington Post that offering “pregnancy programs such as Ovia help the company keep skilled women.”

Many of the users did not know that Ovia had the right to sell their information to companies. One woman, Brianna Bell, 29, said that she used the Ovia app (to track pregnancy and fertility) for about 18 months until she realized that her information was being sold and being viewed by her employer. She was appalled. She felt like it was a total breach of her privacy. However, Ovia believes that this program can help employers help better understand their employees and give them better assistance. Women, on the other hand, believe that their employers can use their sensitive information against them. For instance, they could use information about miscarriages, or various health issues to make big decisions in their coverage and their jobs. Most of the women who have learned about this issue are very disappointed and feel a little violated.

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Pregnancy should be one of the happiest and exciting times in your life. You are growing a human! How amazing is that! Pregnant women should never feel uncomfortable and violated by their personal and private information being "leaked" to their employers. Why would their employers need to know about their personal information other than to use it against them?


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