49-Year-Old Owen Wilson Is Now A Father Of Three, Welcomes A Baby Girl

Owen Wilson is now a father of three. He recently welcomed a new baby girl!

Wilson has two sons and is a great father to both of his boys. He also maintains very good relationships with both of the mothers of his children. He shares his son Robert Ford with his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell and he shares his son Finn Wilson with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Lindqvist.

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Wilson's business development rep, Varunie Vongsvirates, became pregnant with a little girl. She posted on her Instagram about the pregnancy after being about 5 months pregnant.

Vongsvirates approached Wilson and told him that he was the father of the baby. Wilson wasn't certain and so he wanted to take a paternity test. A source told Us Weekly that Wilson was a very good father to his two sons and if he was the father to the little girl that he would be a great father to her too. Wilson went and took the paternity test and it was determined that he was the father of the little girl and would officially be the father of a third child.  When Vongsvirates was 6 months pregnant she disclosed to all of her followers Owen was indeed the father to her daughter.  Little Lyla Aranya was born a few months later and weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. She measured 21 inches in length.

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Vongsvirates's pregnancy was certainly not planned and neither of them were really expecting to have become pregnant. Especially since they weren't ever in a relationship. Due to the extent of their relationship, Owen Wilson wasn't very certain at first that he was the father. Although Lyla wasn't necessarily "planned" she will certainly be loved. Towards the end of Vongsvirates's pregnancy, she posted a picture on Instagram beaming from ear to ear saying "just 3 months left." Wilson plans to be a great father to little Lyla and be the best daddy he can be to his sweet little girl. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and their sweet daughter. We are all very excited to see Owen Wilson as a father to a little girl, and we hope that baby Lyla will be able to spend some time with her brothers as well!

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