City Decides Baby Shark Could Prevent Homeless People From Sleeping On Patio

West Palm Beach, California has decided to play "Baby Shark" by Pinkfong and other children's songs to prevent homeless people from sleeping on the patio of a banquet hall owned by the city.

According to Fox News, the building "Baby Shark" and "Raining Tacos" by Parry Gripp will protect is Lake Pavilion, a facility that played host to 164 events (mostly weddings) between June 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. These kinds of gatherings racked up a total of $240,000 annually. Unfortunately, in recent times, the city claims to be finding some unsavory items around Lake Pavilion's patio.


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"Workers in the morning were finding some unsanitary things, including human feces, around the Lake Pavilion," says Palm Beach mayor Keith James. While it will take time to see if the plan will work, one homeless man told Fox it won't change his sleeping habits.

This isn't the first time the city implemented music to deal with issues. In fact, in 2001, West Palm Beach cranked up some Mozart and Beethoven in an abandoned building to deter loitering and general crime. Not only that, but other cities like San Francisco and New York have tried this method as well. Even many malls across North America found that playing a little bit of this kind of music reduces loitering in doorways and elevators.

The plan hasn't been universally adored by the citizens of the city, however. In fact, Megan Hustings, the interim director of the National Coalition for the Homeless says its a form of discrimination. She says the new plan shows a lack of concern to actually deal with homelessness in the city.

"We're all humans, and we need to sleep," she tells CNN.

The song "Baby Shark" hit the scene in 2016, and quickly became a viral trend. With a catchy hook and a bright and colorful YouTube video to accompany it, children around the world have flocked to the song, playing it on repeat ever since. It's gained notoriety outside of children's entertainment too. In fact, in May, Canadian singer Celine Dion did a rendition of the viral hit on an episode of Carpool Karaoke. It's also gotten a heavy metal facelift, and a possible animated series. Still, this may be the most split a community has been on the use of the song since its release.


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