Pampers To Install 5,000 Changing Tables In Public Restrooms To Help Dads

Pampers has pledged to install 5,000 changing tables in public restrooms to help dads who need to change their baby’s diapers. Across the country, almost all women’s bathrooms have a changing table ready for use—showing that the stereotype that women are the designated caregivers of children is believed to be true. Today, family dynamics are changing, and fathers are the ones doing the diaper changing; they need a proper place to do it in public.

Back in 2018, Donte Palmer began a movement called #SquatforChange, an organization dedicated to providing dads with adequate changing tables and other resources they need to be a good, hands-on father. It all began when Palmer posted a photo on his social media of him attempting to change his son’s diaper without a changing table. He can be seen squatting in the corner of the public restroom with his son uncomfortably lying on his lap in an attempt to change the diaper. The post gained so much attention—depicting just how prevalent this issue is across the world.

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In partnership with Palmer, Pampers has announced their “Love the Change” campaign. With a little celebrity help from John Legend, the company plans to install 5,000 changing tables for public restrooms across the country. By 2021, their goal is to have more dads and babies “love the change” instead of struggling with it: no more squatting, attempting to use the wet sink counters, or any other silly method just to change a diaper.

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Over the next two years, Pampers and Koala Kare will identify high-traffic public men’s restrooms that need a changing table. They have already identified the first 500 locations, and the project should be completed over the coming weeks. Eventually, with the help of this campaign, it should become the norm for buildings to have changing tables in all the bathrooms on site.

With this campaign, dads and their babies can enjoy their outside playtime with less worries. When the babies wet themselves due to excitement, a dad doesn’t have to run around in a panic looking for a proper place to change a nappy. The only thing he should worry about is how much bonding time he can have with his baby.

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