Paramedics Deliver Baby On The Side Of The Road Sharing He Had To Come Out 'With A Bang'

Brittany Holmes was nine months pregnant with her fourth. She was a couple of days away from her due date and she started feeling like she was going to have a baby. Brittany drove to the hospital because she was pretty sure that she was in labor. This was her fourth baby and so she was certain that this was the real deal, but the doctor's assured her that it was a false alarm. Brittany jumped back into the car and started driving back home.

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Shortly after she began her journey home she realized that it was not a false alarm and she should not have left the hospital. Brittany said that she has read a lot of stories about women not making it to the hospital, but she never thought she would have a similar story. Brittany had to pull over near a gas station to be able to call 9-1-1, because she felt like she wasn't going to make it back to the hospital. She knew he was coming, but had no idea that fast.


Thankfully the first responders arrived as Brittany was pushing. She said that they were able to deliver her child and she was holding him in her arms only a couple of minutes after she had called 9-1-1. She named her child Hagen. Hagen is her fourth child and her only boy. She said that since he was the only boy that he probably felt like he had to come out "with a bang."

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The paramedics said it was quite the experience and they were very excited that they were able to be part of that moment. They get called to so many difficult situations and so they are always happy to have a situation that is happy. They said that they arrived and Holmes was actively delivering and they were there right towards the end! What a great story! Congratulations Brittany!

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