Parent Blasted Online For Offering Babysitter $8 To Take Care Of Three Kids

A babysitter who was offered just $8 per hour to look after three un-potty trained children has shared her encounter with an ungrateful parent online.

Although many parents will be lucky enough to be granted maternity and paternity leave, or even stay at home permanently with their kids, a time will come when everyone needs a babysitter. If you're new to the babysitting game, finding the right person at the right price can be pretty difficult. Parents don't want to be ripped off, but also don't want to leave their children in the care of someone who isn't capable.

How much a parent should pay a babysitter is pretty subjective. It can also depend on the amount of care the children are going to need. As subjective a topic as this is, it's probably safe to assume that there's only one person potentially reading this that would consider this particular offer reasonable, and that's the parent who offered it.

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Yahoo! Lifestyle reports that the unnamed parent offered a babysitter $8 per hour to look after her three children. One of the children is two, and the other pair is three and a half-year-old twins. The mom also informed the babysitter that none of the trio of children is potty trained. To that, the babysitter replied that she wouldn't take the job for anything less than $15 per hour.

The mom did not react well to that, writing back that she used to babysit for $10 per hour. That begs the question, why does she think $8 per hour is fair? The babysitter didn't take the gig and has since shared the text messages on Reddit. Users have naturally had a field day with it, questioning what kind of parent would cheap out on a babysitter, and that $8 per hour for the amount of care required is an outrageous offer.

Other babysitters have come to the Redditor's aid, highlighting that they have been treated as if their role as a babysitter isn't a "real job." That gives some people the belief that they can treat and pay babysitters whatever they like, despite the fact they are quite literally putting the lives of their children into the carer's hands. Surely that is worth at least a little more than $8 per hour.

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