Parent Explains Why They're Helicopter Parents To Their Little One

One father shares how he and his wife are the helicopter parents but there is a reason for that.

We all know them. Heck, you may be one of them. We are talking about helicopter parents. A helicopter parent is a parenting style that many parents follow, but it is very controversial due to its possible detrimental long term effects on the child. A Helicopter parent is a parent that hovers over their child. This type of parent will make sure that they are there whenever their child needs their help or comes across to a challenge. If a child is struggling to climb up the monkey bars, the parent is right there helping them up so they don't have to struggle. The parent follows their toddler around and so every time they trip they are there to pick their child back up and put them on their feet. The problem with this parenting style is that children never learn how to handle difficult situations because their parents have always been there for them whenever they come across challenges.

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One parent admits in a letter to his son's kindergarten teacher that they are helicopter parents and he explains why they have chosen to be this type of parent. The man explains how he and his wife are the helicopter parents that everybody has always joked about but there is a reason for it. He said that they will be the front row at every parent/teacher conference and likely the president of the PTA. He apologizes that they are like that but he then wants to explain why. He shares that they have fought for their little guy and he hopes that nobody will ever have to be in the Pediatric ICU with 65 staff standing around their lifeless little baby boy. After their experience with almost losing their son, it started their overprotective PTSD. They don't want anything else bad to happen to him.


The father shares that his son has a huge scar right down the middle of his chest. His son is very proud of it and tells the teacher to not let the other kids make fun of it because that pride might be taken from him. Then the father explains that then everybody would have to have the helicopter parents tearing through and coming to his rescue. He then shares that his son still has a "broken" heart but then says that it is whole and pure and that his son is the sweetest boy in the entire world.

The man writing the letter to the teacher shares that he hopes that he has decades with his son, but they may just only have a few years. The only thing that is going to ultimately help him would be a complete heart transplant but they don't know if he will ever qualify for one. His son doesn't want to talk about his medical issues and it isn't something that a kindergartener should have to discuss anyways.

The caring father shares that he doesn't care if he falls behind on something, or if he gets something really quickly. All he asks is that his same sweet little boy comes home every single day with his same fragile heart. The man ends his letter by saying that his son is his best friend and him and the boy's mother have done everything in their power to keep him alive and healthy.

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