These Parent-Friendly Gyms Offer Childcare So You Can Get Your Fitness On

Being a mom is really hard, y’all. Balancing child-rearing, domestic tasks, career goals, social pursuits, and basic self-care is extremely difficult and few of us do it gracefully. No shame here! I’m the mom who always feels like she’s driving through life in a hot-mess-mobile that’s being held together with duct tape and a prayer. When I manage to get a good rhythm going in my mom-life, my personal life almost always takes a hit. But I’m trying to set a good example for my kids, so fitness is becoming more and more of a priority for me. As a busy parent, I need a gym that offers childcare! I’m way more likely to squeeze in a workout if I know my toddlers are being cared for. Night-time workouts aren’t always an option with my schedule and babysitting can get expensive. What’s a fitness-minded mom to do?

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Join one of these gyms that offers childcare, that’s what! I’m focusing on larger chains in this article, but definitely check out your local options. The M.A.C gyms near me are a family-owned business that has been serving my corner of Iowa for over thirty years - and yes, they offer childcare! They beat out the larger chains in pricing; they also offer affordable childcare for date nights and daytime even if you’re not working out at the gym! By no means is this list exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a gym membership that includes childcare.

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The classic family-friendly gym, YMCA is an excellent option for kid-friendly workout sessions! Each location has its own rules and schedule for childcare, so check your local Y before enrolling. Family memberships include access to loads of community events and activities, including early access to summer camp registration. If you can’t afford the cost of a membership, the Y offers reduced fees on a sliding scale. All locations that I’ve researched require a parent to be onsite if their kid is booked into the childcare program.

Lifetime Fitness

Marketed as a luxury health club, Lifetime Fitness facilities are visually stunning spaces. From their sparkling-clean saunas to the orchids in the locker rooms, Lifetime Fitness makes exercise feel like a spa experience. Hours vary by location, but Lifetime does offer childcare while you use the gym. Even better, some offer a few hours of drop-off childcare daily for toddlers and kids up to age eleven. Adding childcare costs around $15 per child and is billed as a “junior membership”.

LA Fitness

Every LA Fitness location includes a Kids Klub with supervised childcare while you workout. The play area is great to let toddlers burn off their energy. Members can work out without worrying about their children; staff members can send them messages through the LA Fitness app if their child needs parental attention.

24-Hour Fitness

This gym is open, as you might have guessed, 24 hours each day! The majority of locations offer a Kid’s Club service, but not all do, so call before you join. Kid’s Club care providers are all CPR and AED certified and must pass a background check, so you can rest assured your toddler is in good hands. Babies six months and older can be dropped off at Kid’s Club while their parent works out in the facility.

Gold’s Gym

With women-only workout areas, Gold’s Gym is a great option for more self-conscious moms to work on their health and wellness. Their Kid’s Club offers supervised childcare for parents while they exercise in the facility. They even offer arts & crafts - and some locations have an arcade space!

Listen, I know just as much as the next mom how hard it is to find the time to exercise. With two toddlers afoot, it’s a wonder I get any time for my own self-care! These gyms make your mama fitness goals easier to attain by offering childcare for members. Look into a trial period today and get your sweat on, hot mama!

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