New Parent Taxi App Lets Kids Pay For Lifts By Doing Chores

Some teens out there are about to learn the hard lesson that not everything in life comes for free. There’s a new report that says there’s a Parent Taxi app that has kids paying for lifts- but only if they get their chores done first. In other words, they have to get their work done before there’s any play.

According to Edinburgh Live, car manufacturer, Skoda has come up with a brand new app that lets you charge your children each time they ask you for a ride to their friends’ houses, the shopping mall, or the movies.

Before they get in the car, they are expected to do some chores in return, which allows parents to finally get that much-needed return from the Bank of Mom and Dad.

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Called Parent Taxi, the app tracks how many miles a driver puts in during all of those kid-related journeys. It works just like a taxi meter, where the miles are converted into a fare at the end of the journey. And yes, the fare is sent directly to your child’s phone.

It works the same way as traditional taxis, but instead of getting paid in cash, parents can exchange every mile driven for household chores instead.

If that weren’t clever enough, the drivers can also send a receipt directly to their child’s smartphone. This way everyone has a record of what journeys were taken and what chores were completed.

It’s up to the child to make sure that their daily chores are completed – like doing the dishes, cleaning up their room or even taking their dog out for a walk – before they ask their parents for a ride out on the town.

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For a lot of parents, the Parent Taxi app is a great way for kids to not only learn a little responsibility but realize just how much work it takes to help around the house.

The app has been launched just in time for the summer months when bored teens end up asking their parents for rides the most. And for a lot of moms and dads, it couldn’t come at a better time. That’s because a recent survey found that British parents drive an average of over 1,600 miles a year for their kids and their social outings.

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