10 Parenting Trends To Look Out For In 2020

There are parenting trends of yesteryear that would shock your socks off today. Take, for instance, the fact that the parents in the 1930s hung their babies out in metal cages so they could get fresh air. Or, that a decade earlier, babies were smeared in lard right after childbirth. Even the zaniest parenting trends from today seem normal compared to generations past.

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Thankfully, we can't (and won't) go back to those times. This generation has its own parenting trends, some of which have been gaining steam and will probably spill over into 2020. Here are 10 parenting trends that will likely take over 2020.

10 Cute, Yet Comfortable Maternity Fashion

If you think about it, parenthood for mothers really starts before birth. The nine months of pregnancy is all about making sure her developing baby is healthy. The best way to ensure the baby is healthy is to make sure the mother healthy. Happy too. And nothing makes a mother-to-be happier than maternity wear that is cute, yet comfortable.

Fortunately, Stay Trendy predicts that comfort will be king in 2020.  Fortunately, women won't have to sacrifice style. Gone will be the days where maternity clothes were just over-sized rags. 2010 will an increase in work and even evening maternity wear.

9 More Kids' Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days⁠—especially for the kiddos. There are boxes dedicated to everything from toys to clothes to science experiments. For busy parents,  having pre-picked items delivered to their child every month means less time shopping.

According to Google Trends, the largest recent spike in searches for kids' subscription boxes occurred in late 2018. Interest dipped off at the start of 2019, but now, as we head into 2020, Google searches for kids' subscription boxes are again on the rise. So you can expect for this trend to continue into the new year.

8 More Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties have been uber-popular over the last few years. But what started as a fun, social way to announce your baby's gender to your family, turned into competitions about who could think up the most outlandish thing.

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Despite many of the disasters that can come from gender reveal parties, there's no evidence to suggest that parents are going to give up this trend anytime soon. You can expect more outrageous, possibly dangerous, reveals in 2020.

7 Limited Screen Time

Little kids love their devices. As long as they have a way to play their games and listen to their music, they're happy. Parents, too, have been happy that these devices could entertain their kids while they got extra work done.

Unfortunately, too much screen time can contribute to trouble focusing, sleep disorders and obesity in kids, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Now parents are trying to find a healthy balance by limiting their kids' screen time. You can likely expect more parents to jump on board, as more studies on the topic are published.

6 More Parents Will Switch To Homeschooling

More parents than ever are looking into homeschooling their kids, according to Thought Co. There are many reasons that parents are choosing to home school. Being able to control what information their child is learning has always been a huge draw. Or, being able to freely infuse religious doctrine into their curriculum.

Unfortunately, Thought Co also reports that the recent rise in school shootings has also contributed to parents feeling like they need to keep their children at home. Until our country gets a handle on school violence, you can, unfortunately, see more parents homeschooling for this reason.

5 Introducing More New Foods Into Diets

Whole Foods recently published its predictions for the most popular food trends in 2020. And one thing that stuck out was revamped kids menu items in restaurants. Instead of the basic chicken nuggets and mac and cheese that have been staples on kids menus in the past, restaurants are looking to swap them out for more sophisticated cuisine.

This change comes as restaurants realize that millennial parents are into feeding their kids more adventurous foods. Having ready-cooked, easily accessible menu options for kids will only broaden this trend. So, watch out for even more remixed kid's food in 2020.

4 New Trends In Kids' Fashions

Most mothers refer to their daughters as their mini-mes, so it only makes sense that they would dress them the part. In recent years, matching mother/daughter ensembles have been edged out my other kids' clothing trends, but now they're on the rise again.

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For boys, well, trends will explode left and right for them. Stay Trendy reports that head-to-toe denim, leather jackets and fur will all be big trends for boys next year.

3 Less Spanking, More Alternative Punishments

Spanking has always been a divisive topic among parents. Some parents swear by it, while some parents believe that the negatives outweigh any benefits. Then some don't believe that there are any benefits to spanking at all.

This has led to more and more parents looking into alternative forms of punishment for their kids. Very Well reports that parents are trying things like putting their kids into time out, yelling less, and allowing them to experience the "natural" consequences of their actions.

2 Multi-Generational Vacations Overseas

Vacations trends among parents are also shifting, as we head into 2020. Instead of planning vacations with just their immediate families, parents hope to start including their parents and grandparents, which will result in multi-generational vacations, according to Ciao Bambino. 

As they point out, parents used to stash their kids with their own parents while they enjoyed their vacations. But lately, people have expressed interest in making vacations and extended family affair.

1 They're Choosing More Inspirational Names

There are almost too many baby name trends to keep track of, these days. But one trend that seems to be taking shape for 2020 are parents opting for inspirational names. In this day and age, can you really blame them?

According to Parade, names like Joi, Dream, Harmony and Promise are on the rise. They also listed that Reign, Legacy and, Queen are gaining steam as well. Let's hope that these names are indicators of what the future will be like for our little ones.


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