Parenting Is Impossible: 15 Hilarious Mom Pics

We've all been there. Parenting is difficult and being a mom is especially challenging when life has a bad habit of getting in the way. Being a mom starts off as something new, fresh, and exciting, and can very rapidly turn into a, "what in the world did I get myself into?" moment. If a mom is one of the lucky ones, then she's never had her flawed parenting moments committed to photo. Unfortunately for some others, their mama fails will forever be streamed on the internet in the form of memes and hilarious photos. Some of us can narrowly avoid an audience while others...Well, let's just say they've been less than fortunately graced with an awaiting camera phone.

It's nice to know sometimes that a mom is not alone in the mistakes she makes and we're sure that nearly every mom has been at to this point at one time or another. Granted these parenting fails aren't my-kid-stuck-their-finger-in-a-toaster level (thankfully!), but they're ridiculous all the same and will definitely have readers saying, "yeah, I know those feels." Sit back and take a look at all the moms who gave in and just let their exhaustion and frustrating become laughable fails.

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15 Jekyll And Hyde


This tweet is so funny because it's so true. All moms have the "mom voice" that they can switch on and off like nobody's business. The way it works is simple, the "mom voice" is triggered by a tiny agitation pursued by kids who simply refuse to put their shoes on despite being asked three times. All of a sudden, it's like the smoke from the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West appears and suddenly mom turns into a dark and brooding form of herself. Instead of saying, nicely and with a hint of delight, " Ok, children! Time to go!", she finds herself, with increasing deepness and bass, "I said let's go."

We can only imagine the nightmarish look that accompanies this statement but we're all too familiar with the signal it sends to the children. That Batman voice is one step away from yelling or, what's even more dreaded, The Countdown.

Once kids hear that, "3...2..." they know it's on like Donkey Kong. With thirty seconds before mom self-combusts, the house turns into a race to the finish line... i.e. out the front door before mom loses it. It's a situation all moms are all too familiar with.

14 Exhaustion, Plain And Simple


If this photo isn't relatable to you then you've either never been a mom or have just been graced with a beautiful parenting experience. Chances are it's the former and at some point or another we've all just said: "you know what, I give up". The hilarious part is that we've all been there.

This photo is like the Where's Waldo of mom chores that will simply never be done with a toddler. For starters, it appears dinner prep was well-underway, judging by the cutting board, veggies, and stove littered with pots and pans.

If we were to take an educated case, we'd presume this started off something like this: Mom begins dinner, gives baby a bowl of food, baby is doing just fine eating. The mom (who is all of us) pictured thinks, "Okay, this is going well, I can probably start dinner..." Things start off great until the inevitable happens. Ten minutes into prepping dinner, the bowl of spaghetti goes flying, spaghetti is on the floor, the baby is covered in sauce, the highchair is covered in sauce, pots are boiling on the stove, pans are overheating, veggies are still sitting, uncut, on the cutting board. Upon grabbing the dustpan, your baby has already grabbed their sippy-cup and covered that in sauce, and at this point there's only one thing to do: Wine.

13 There, Now That Looks More Like A Dozen


Grocery shopping with your child can be both traumatizing and stressful, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for parent fails. Most of the time we're so preoccupied with coupons and shopping lists that we don't realize when our child is grabbing things off the shelves, opening cookie packages, or spilling eggs everywhere. We're thinking this kid either REALLY wanted some breakfast, or he was just getting ready for Easter.

This poor mom didn't even realize initially what her child had been up to; sure, everyone smiles at kids but not that much!

We have to give a serious round of applause to this kid though, even though nearly every egg has taken a dive, somehow none appear broken. It also looks like she thought enough to serious stock up on some more, but the main lesson here to avoid a major parent fail is this: Never put all of your eggs in one basket. In other words, never put them near your toddler who's prone to reenacting Humpty Dumpty. It's a miracle that none of the eggs are cracked (at least that we know of, in this picture). If they were, this mom would have had a lot of apologizing to do.

12 Geez Mom, Hire A Gourmet Would You?


We had to stifle a snicker when we read this one. It was such a great effort at still being sugary sweet while completely annihilating his mother's confidence. This kid will definitely grow up to be a charismatic adult with a bunch of friends he or she will be so polite with but in the most brutally honest ways. Let's look on the bright side. It's a great, well-thought-out letter that very clearly comes from the heart (and the stomach, evidently). It's also well-worth applauding that this child felt comfortable enough being super honest with his mom.

While other kids are writing notes like "thanks for lunch, mom!", "I love all the fruit you pack me!", "thanks for giving me an extra snack!"; this kid has gotten a headstart in the lessons of honesty.

The best part is that he or she included a smiley face and a heart at the bottom as if to make up for the hilarious severe lack of child tact. It's just too cute to be mad at and obviously, this mom got quite a kick out of it. We don't blame you bad-lunch mom, hearts will always soften the blow to your culinary skills.

11 Yoga Will Keep Me Sane


There could not be more truth to this photo, even down to the oversized tee and sweatpants. All moms are goddesses in their own right and if there's anything we've learned from all these parenting fails, it's that they have a superhuman strength inside and out as well. This mom's look of determination says it all with three weeks of laundry behind her, and pretend-superhero kid next to her, and a mountain of toys behind him.

It's not easy running a household and parenting, and if anything is failing in this picture, it's this child screaming at the camera.

We give this mom all the credit in the world for assuming goddess pose in her natural state, we're just wondering if her next move was to tackle her child mid-primal scream. In one fell swoop, she could do anything, and that's what makes moms so great and terrifying at the same time. We're also giving serious props to the supportive husbands and dads of the world, who have, without a doubt, since this pose several times and had the good sense to quickly move out of the way. Bravo, dads...Sometimes your best bet is just to hide.

10 That Was A Mistake


The biggest mom fail award goes to "Search for the Missing Chocolate" by Mickey. This is a major, major uh-oh on a mom's part but hilariously, one that moms everywhere have shameless done time and time again. When there's so little time for moms to do things that they actually enjoy, chocolate becomes something that's coveting and hoarded among the parent groups.

No child's stash is safe, especially around holidays like Halloween and Easter when it's primetime feasting season for parents of young children who inevitably will get tons of chocolate eggs, bunnies, Reeses, Hershey's, etc.

It's bad enough that kids have to do the work, what makes the act even more atrocious is that parents just steal it. This hilarious occurrence has been made even worse by this mom helping her son search for the chocolate...That she very well knows is sitting in her stomach right now. We're forced to ask what's worse: The tragic look on your son's face when you tell your son his chocolate isn't missing, just ingested? Or the tiny white lie you tell him when he asks if you've seen it? Don't worry, we won't tell. And if you're the one who bought it, do you really have anything to feel bad about?

9 One Kid Got A Little Too Excited In The Bathroom


The words "ew" and "cringe-worthy" do not begin to encompass all the feelings we have reading this index card. We're left unsure as to whether the mom fail came from having the earrings within the vicinity of this mom's child, or whether it sprouted out of potty-training your child and being unsure of whether to be mad or not...Because after all, this kid did successfully use the bathroom and flush afterward. That's the kicker though, isn't it?

Kids will always do something great in addition to something crazy bad, but you can't get upset at them, because they've finally done what you've been trying to teach them.

It's a catch-22, but the fact remains that sadly, this mom's earrings have floated down to a watery grave. Or rather, been swirled down a pipe at rapid speed with a few unsavory friends for company. Our thoughts go out to this mom's jewelry because who knows what had been flushed up to that point throughout the potty-training process. It's time to get a jewelry lockbox, we're thinking. Small-pieced jewellery should be kept out of reach of kids anyway, so the true optimist would see this as a good thing: a lesson was learned and no one was harmed.

8 Only Nine-Percent?


This is both cute and laugh-worthy. It's no surprise that too many kids know how to use iPads these days, but not all parents are brave enough to put a child-proof password on them. We say bravo to this mom who did just that and can't help but laugh at the love points she's sadly had deducted from her because of it.

The thought process of this child must have been wildly accurate to come up with not a solid percentage, not an even number, not even a 50/50 percentage...But a totally random yet precise nine percent.

Assuming that this child's love for his or her mother started at 100%, somewhere along the way that nine percent came from some kind of logic. Our best guess is this: five percent deducted for the shock of turning on the iPad to find it locked, another two percent for having the audacity of locking the iPad, and an extra one percent just to really reinforce how angry they are. It's a tough break, iPad mom...We're just wondering how you're going to get that nine percent of love back. Hopefully this mom didn't give in and take the password off the iPad.

7 It Has To Go Somewhere


It's not uncommon for moms to float around the pool with their baby bellies stuck through a pool float, but we've never quite seen a mom so frustrated that she's bridged the space between top and bottom with a table gap. Don't lie; we know the only reason you haven't done this is that you've never thought of it!

This move, one we like to call "pregnant plank" is genius. Sometimes it's just too exhausting walking around with an extra load of baby weight and this mom clearly has just had enough of it.

Come to think of it, this is a great yoga technique. Her positioning is perfect for meditation prep and with her hands firmly at her sides, it's almost as if she's in a reclined Mountain Pose. Either that or she's passed out while her son wonders around deciding on lunch, we're really not sure which it is. Either way, we can't blame this mom for doing whatever she can to be uber comfortable while out of the house. Those hormones won't last forever, but they definitely wreak havoc while they're firing around a pregnant woman's body. It's okay mama-to-be, we get it...If it fits, you sits.

6 Give Me Your Best Batman Voice


Whoops. Inevitably, kids always end up finding a way into their mother's makeup. It's not often, however, that they end up running out of the bathroom with a face covered in mascara. In reality, it's adorable that this little boy tried to imitate his mom putting her makeup on (at least, that's what we think happened here).

And hey, he almost got the mascara in the right place!

We can't imagine any mom being able to keep a straight face when her child runs to her with a mascara mask on which is totally okay because it's so easily removed. Not from his shirt, perhaps -- But it's safe to say that the rest of his face will be fine. Who knows, maybe he's on his way to starting the next great Instagram trend: Mascara, now for the bridge of your nose, eyebrows, cheeks, and chin as well! We must say that it makes his baby blues pop even if it does look like he just got caught in the chimney chute like something out of Mary Poppins. Things could have been worse, it's not like he ate the makeup! That would've made for a very different picture, and potentially a trip to the doctor.

5 Mom Has A Lot To Learn

Hold your horses (or in this case, dinosaurs), mom. Don't you know you should always put huge, strange pills in a cup of water if you don't know what they are? These tiny dinosaur sponges have been around for years and many a child has taken delight in watching them blow up out of their pill-like casing and become cute little spongy reptiles. Understandably their appearance is misleading, but it's a total mom-fail to think these are anything other than a toy. First of all, the capsules (which is what they really are) are massive and surely a choking hazard, secondly, they're colored brightly enough to put a Crayola box to shame. T

his is a classic case of out-of-touch-parenting and a hilarious one at that. You can be certain that the kid on the other end of that text was bowled over with laughter as their mother panicked upon finding the strange capsules.

We would love to know what the face-to-face interaction was when they were finally reunited. What's next, questioning the tiny sugar dino eggs in the oatmeal package? Oh, mothers. At least this mom got to have her learning experience in a fun way, and her child was understanding.

4 Seeds Won't Grow There


Oh, my. We can't say with absolute certainty that this is a common parenting fail but it's totally high on the list of "oh no" moments. Children are absolute angels when they're sleeping, but we can't even begin to imagine this little girl's reaction when she woke up and realized that she was quite literally covered in, um, chewed up sunflower seeds. Our only question is this: Would you wake the sleeping beast, or try and remove all the seeds without disturbing her? Perhaps try blasting the fans in the car to blow them back out the window? Insist on going in the pool as soon as you get home so they naturally float off and she never notices because she's too distracted? There are so many ways this could have gone and the mystery is eating us. This mom's lack of reaction is priceless, she represents every parent out there who would do absolutely nothing but make a meme out of her parenting fail.

The best part is that this girl slept through the entire thing without realizing each "ping" off of her head was yet another slightly damp sunflower seed.

Between the gross factor of the previously chewed up seeds actually sticking to her face and the fact that they're all tangled in her hair, we're pretty sure she'll never trust her mom opening the car windows again. But hey, she's got a great idea for a Halloween costume should she ever need inspiration: Second-hand seeds.

3 Down She Goes


It's hard to figure out what's funnier, the stop-motion photo of this little girl losing her fight with gravity, or the looks on her parent's faces as she goes down. Luckily, she's landing on a pretty padded grassy knoll, but the mood as a whole is definitely ruined.

It appears that these parents were in the process of playing that game where you swing your child up and down between the two of you when something went completely wrong.

Judging by the angle that this flailing child is falling at, it looks like mom was the first to let go -- Whoops. The look on her face is pure shock and surprise and she watches her child go down instead of up, and we're still covering our mouths to avoid it looking like we're actually laughing. It's okay cute-hat-mom, we've all been there. Well, maybe not quite on the same level of dropping our kids, but we've all had that fear. Our sincerest apologies that yours were captured on camera, though...Yikes! But kids are resilient. They spend all day falling down and getting right back up, so this is par for the course for an active child.

2 It'll Make For A Great Bedtime Story


This mom is guilty as charged. There's no way around this being a parenting fail since Fifty Shades of Grey is most definitely not on the Times Bestseller List for Children. It's hilarious because it's so wildly inappropriate but so relatable. Curiosity eventually gets the best of us and if you can get a copy of a New York Times Bestseller (the adult list, just to clarify), then you might as well grab it while you can.

After all, when weighed against a headless Barbie there's no competition -- Christian Grey is much more interesting than a Barbie without a noggin.

It may have taken some hefty explaining on mom's part, though, and we can only imagine the excuses that were used. "Sorry sweetie, mommy needs something for her playtime, too." If you keep a straight face while explaining to your child why you've ended up walking away with a steamy novel rather than 50% of a Barbie doll, then you're doing it completely wrong. Maybe this mom can use it as a bedtime story, but perhaps skip all of the inappropriate scenes? We're pretty sure that would only leave the first paragraph of the book, though. We're thinking someone owes this little girl at least two more headless Barbies for her birthday, preferably before the addition of the second to Grey books to the family bookshelf.

1 We're Only Human


Oof, that was a faceplant waiting to happen. This is a perfect example of the unwritten parent checklist for funny baby moments: 1) Is the baby okay? 2) If yes, can I snap a picture before they start crying? That's right, we caught you -- But don't worry, we've all done it. This poor baby girl will forever be haunted by this picture and it'll probably be something her mother pulls out when she's an adult as a hilarious anecdote.

Gravity will inevitably have its way with babies who are just learning how to walk and who can blame sleep-deprived moms who haven't had a full-on laugh since becoming a parent?

We certainly can't, since we're laughing right along with them. Flower dress baby, however, will always know just how hilarious her stumbles were when she's old enough to understand that rather than immediately helping her up, her mom was kind enough to take a picture to save the moment forever. Whenever she's feeling down about something, all her mom has to do is pull out this photo and say, "Look, you fell here too -- At least now you know how to walk!" Oh, sad baby, you should have just stuck to crawling on the floor that day.

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