10 Newborn Must-Haves That Will Make Parenting Easier

There are a lot of emotions that go along with becoming a first time parent: excitement, love, and a bit of anxiety. Okay, maybe a lot of anxiety as you prepare to welcome your first baby into the world. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare as much as possible for your bundle of joy to alleviate some of that stress.

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These things include stocking up on diapers (of course) and a few of the following ingenious items to help make parenting a newborn easier. While raising a newborn may seem daunting at first, these items will help ease the stress of parenting and maybe — just maybe — help you get a bit more sleep.

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10 Video Monitor

Long gone are the days of strictly audio baby monitors. Now, it’s all about video monitors that allow you to not only hear what baby is doing, but also see! Talk about a major stress relief! No need to constantly fret about your newborn while you’re cooking or jumping in the shower as you can now keep a close eye on your baby without even being in the same room. This is a must for all those new parents who want to obsess over their newborn while still getting things done around the house.

9 Car Seat With Base

What a wonderful invention these car seats are! If you don't have much experience with babies, then you may not realize the struggle of getting a car seat in and out of the car multiple times a day. In fact, sometimes it’s too much work and parents just skip going to the store altogether. However, purchasing a car seat with a detachable base means less work. You simply attach the car seat in and out of the base instead of dealing with adjusting seatbelts each time you take baby out.

8 Newborn Apps

Another plus of today’s technology is the use of newborn apps. There are apps to track sleep patterns and when your baby eats. Basically anything you can imagine, there’s an app for that. When it comes to newborns, it’s really important they eat every few hours. This means having to wake them up in the middle of night to feed, even if they don’t wake you up. This can get confusing at 5 a.m., which make these apps super handy when new parents are feeling groggy.

7 Nursing Pillow

Speaking of those early morning feedings, a nursing pillow is designed to give both parent and baby comfort during feeding time. Sure, a newborn baby doesn’t weigh all that much, but can feel much heavier when you’ve only had a few hours sleep all night. Let’s face it, you’ll be tired at a lot of points when raising a newborn, and these pillows are designed to support you when feeding. 

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These pillows do the work for you by placing your baby at the right height for breastfeeding. They're also great for bottle feeding as well as they give support to whoever is feeding so they can relax. It’s okay for mommy and daddy to need to rest while caring for their little one, and nursing pillows allow you to do so safely.

6 White Noise Machine

If your baby needs a little more help relaxing or staying asleep, then a white noise machine just became your best friend! These machines provide a soothing sound to help your baby sleep, and to help you get stuff done without waking the baby.

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There is a wide variety of noise machines for infants, including some with nightlights. These machines drown out noises that may wake a baby and can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere during the day.

5 A Trusty Pediatrician

You may not worry about finding the right pediatrician for your baby until after their birth, but this is something you can look into before welcoming your little one into the world. Your hospital may have a list of pediatricians who are accepting new clients with a background on each doctor.

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Knowing and trusting your pediatrician can provide you with a feeling of relief you didn’t even think possible, especially for first time parents. Having a great connection and being able to access your pediatrician can make those first few doctor visits easier.

4 Baby Carrier

Going hands-free isn’t just for talking on your phone while driving! Baby carriers are such a practical product today, they’re basically a necessity. Forget lugging that bulky stroller down to the store or to the park! Simply carry your newborn in a carrier attached to you for the ultimate ease and comfort. Plus, baby carriers allow you to do chores around the house with a fussy infant who insists on being carried. Carriers will simplify your life and you’ll wonder how you managed without one in the first place!

3 Swaddle Sack

Swaddle sacks are a great way to keep baby securely wrapped during nap time without having to actually know how to swaddle a blanket. You’ll want to make sure to properly swaddle your infant safely, but these blankets help keep your little one snug as a bug. Swaddling is said to help babies sleep sounder, have less anxiety, and feel more secure. It’s no wonder so many families swear by swaddling! It’s also worth noting swaddling is said to prevent the baby from waking up unnecessarily, which means more free time for mom and dad.

2 Bassinet

Bassinets are basically a must for newborns! It’s always nice to have a newborn close by, but that can be tricky with things such as a crib. However, this isn’t a problem thanks to bassinets. They can easily be moved from room to room, and even pushed against a bed during nighttime to keep a close eye on a newborn. Some companies even make portable bassinets that can be taken on the go! Bassinets come in all shapes, sizes, and price points so parents can easily find one that suits their exact needs.

1 Diaper Genie

It may seem cliché, but trust us, it’s not. Babies go to the bathroom a lot, and you don’t want to have to take out the garbage each and every time. You also don’t want soiled diapers just chilling in your home trash cans. And this is how the idea of a Diaper Genie came about.

It’s a convenient way to throw dirty diapers away in the house without having the smell take over. Now, instead of making trips to the outside garbage bin every hour, you’ll only have to do it once in awhile!

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