10 Parenting Rules Angelina Jolie Follows

Angeline Jolie is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. With her work in hit films like Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Changeling, and Disney’s Maleficent, Jolie has done it all. Not only is she an amazing actress but she is also a mother. When she and her now ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt, were together they welcomed six children into their lives. Jolie and Pitt adopted three children, Pax, Zahara, and Maddox together. They have three biological kids Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh.

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Keep reading to discover how this Hollywood star handles her career while raising six amazing kids!

10 Listen To Your Kids

One of the first tips that Jolie will give to any parent is to listen to your kids. According to Babbletop, Jolie knows that listening to your kids will always keep the connection open for them. When you have open communication with your kids, you will truly be able to know exactly what is going on in their lives and they will be able to tell you what they need.

So the next time one of your kids comes up to you to talk, put whatever you were doing before aside so they have your full attention.

9 Perspective Is Everything

In recent years, we can assume that the actress has had a tougher time because of her divorce. With everything going on in her personal life and continuing to work as an actress, Jolie knew that she needed to focus on the positive things in her life.

8 Let Kids Get To Know Family Members (Like Grandparents)

Even though Jolie has had a messy relationship with her father, actor Jon Voight, in the past couple of years Jolie has stated that she and her father have been getting closer during her tough time with the divorce. Jolie even said in an interview with Vanity Fair that Voight has been there for her and her kids throughout the divorce.

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We are happy to see Jolie and Voight put their differences aside to focus on the importance of family and let her kids get to know their grandpa.

7 Set A Good Example

Kids love to follow their parents and do what they do. So when Jolie noticed that her kids were paying attention to her, she knew that she needed to set a good example for her kids. According to Babbletop, Jolie wants her kids to be able to empathize with others and to do the right thing in life.

It's important for the actress to work with charities so she can show her kids that this is an important thing to do her. Take this note out of Jolie's parenting book and set a good example for your kids to follow.

6 Let Your Kids Find Out What They Stand For

Jolie is not just known as a highly successful actress but for her humanitarian work throughout the world. And Jolie believes that you need to know what you stand for in life and carry it out with passion. In an interview with Elle, Jolie talked about how she is trying to raise her kids so they can find out what they stand for. She says that is what defines a person, not their looks.

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We love the fact that Jolie encourages her kids to get active in their community and the world to make it a better place for everyone.

5 Build A Supportive Community

Let’s face it, raising a kid is hard and Jolie is now a single mother of six children. But Babbletop reports that Jolie knows that she needs to build a supportive community around her and her kids in order to raise her little ones successfully.

Just like Jolie, you need a successful group of people who you trust so if you need help, someone will be there for you. It can be difficult to ask for help sometimes, which is why it's important to build bonds with your family, friends, and other parents so they can help you when you need it.

4 Let Them Be Themselves

Jolie’s kids have to grow up in the public eye, which can be hard when you are trying to figure out what you like and who you are in life. Luckily, Jolie is very understanding and supportive when it comes to letting her kids be themselves.

According to Ninja Journalist, Jolie is supporting of how her kids want to look and act no matter if it is not the typical “norm.” We applaud Jolie for being so accepting of her kids. And we hope every parent out there can be as supportive of their kids just like Jolie is of hers.

3 Education Is Important

Every parent knows how important their child's education is. At school, kids learn important tools that they are going to use for the rest of their lives. Jolie is no different and she wants her kids to get the best education that they possibly can. In an interview with People, Jolie expressed why she is homeschooling her kids rather than letting them go to a public or private school.

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She has tutors come teach her kids, and she also encourages her kids to learn another language.

2 Be Friends With Your Kids

Some parents are still stuck in the old days of not wanting to be friends with their kids because they fear that they will lose respect with their kids. But Jolie believes in the opposite, and she told The Sun that being friends with your kids is something her mother taught her.

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Since her own mom played with her and listened to her, Jolie felt like she could tell her anything. She wants that for her kids, too, and so that's her goal with her relationship with her children.

1 Health Is Wealth

In The New York Times, Jolie wrote about her decision to have a preventive double mastectomy. And since cancer has taken multiple women in her family Jolie is very focused on her health. Even though Jolie can see the best doctors in the world she knows that there is still nothing more important than her health.

Jolie teaches her kids and women to take care of themselves and above all put yourself first. We love seeing Jolie talk about the important issues in life and we hope her message not only encourages her kids to take care of themselves but to also have her fans take care of themselves too.

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