10 Parenting Rules To Follow According To Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke has worn plenty of hats throughout her career. In the two decades since Brooke became a household name, she has worked as a model who's posed for magazines like Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff. She's also hosted reality talent competitions like Rock Star and Dancing With The Stars and national programs like the Miss America pageant.

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Brooke Burke's most important title is, without a doubt, mother. The model turned host is dedicated to being the best parent that she can be. And she's incredibly generous, too. She has a website called Modern Mom as well as a book called The Naked Mom, where she shares some of her best parenting tipsHere are 10 rules of parenting, according to Brooke Burke.

10 She Believes In Communicating With Her Kids

Brooke Burke, like many moms, has responsibilities that extend past her kids. She keeps busy running her businesses and booking a variety of jobs in addition to being a full-time mother. For you, that might mean a job away from the home or other obligations to your family. Whatever your situation, Brooke believes that balance can be achieved as long as you communicate with your children.

"I think having conversations with your kids is really important," Brooke told Parents Canada. "You know, here’s where I’m going to be and here’s what I’m going to be doing. Technology and social media has made it even easier to stay connected with my kids, so we’ll send each other pictures and funny messages."

9 All Parents Should Find Their Own Way

Everyone has an opinion about how children should be raised. Some of these people have raised their own kids; some have only cared for them in a professional setting. And then there are those who have never even been in the same room as a baby. Nevertheless, everyone seems to think they're an expert on parenting. For parents trying to figure things out, all of these opinions can cause much confusion.

That's why Brooke Burke told US Weekly that she believes every mother should find their own path. "One of the things I always tell women is, ‘Find your own way.’ Everybody’s going to tell you how to do it. Every mom’s out there doing something better than you. And I think we have incredible women’s intuition and we really have to follow that."

8 Every Child Has Different Needs

Every child is different. It doesn't matter if they all have the same parents, are born under the same roof, and even born at the same time. Every child will have their own personality and individual needs. This means that what parenting tactic works for one, might not work for another.

Because of this, Brooke Burke parents all four of her kids differently. “I raise all my children differently,” she shared with US Weekly. “I truly do. Just when you think you figured it out, you got to tweak your rearing skills."

7 She Believes Time For Yourself Is Important

Parenting is a full-time job. You don't get vacation days, paid or otherwise, and you also have to work long hours. It's easy to lose focus on yourself as you care for your children. But you're only as good to your children as you are to yourself. If you're not good on the inside, you won't be able to give your kids all that they need.

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Brooke Burke believes that parents deserve me time. “I love being a mom so I make it work. …I carve out time for myself."

6 You Should Have A Great Relationship With The Children's Father(s)

These days, families come in all shapes and sizes. People don't always end up with the person they had kids with. Or, you might marry into a situation where children are already involved. Blended families might be complicated, but they can work if everyone wants it to.

Brooke Burke isn't with either of her children's fathers anymore, but she still makes sure that their relationships are in good standing. “My children have amazing fathers, and we take the high road for our kids. Being a parent is selfless. Learn how to have a working divorce. Have a better relationship with your ex than you had when you were married. That’s the goal!"

5 Children Should Be Smart

Being a successful parent involves more than just feeding and clothing your kids. It also involves nurturing their mind. The goal for all parents should be to raise smart children. Brooke Burke is doing just that.

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"I don’t want my children to grow up naive. I want them to be innocent, but not naive, so we talk about everything and I’m so lucky that we have that relationship. I want to have that close relationship, not a friendship. I think that’s dangerous with parenting, but closeness is super important.”

4 Social Media Should Be Limited

Social media is a big part of everyone's lives, no matter one's age. While there are benefits to it, it can also come with some negatives. Aside from the negativity that can run rampant, social media can also weigh on your kids' self-esteem.

Brooke believes that kids benefit when you limit their social media time. “I kind of make the kids take a little tech break too from time to time because life is a picture right now in this generation," Brooke said. "We’re so disconnected and socially connected. Everything is a picture and it’s not even a real picture. It’s like a filtered image of what really just happened.”

3 Fellowship With Other Mothers Is Important

Unwanted opinions on parenting can be a pain in the butt, but it's a different story when the mom asks for help. It really does take a village to raise a child and sometimes, you might feel the need to seek out the opinion of moms who've been there.

This is where Brooke's blog, Modern Mom, comes in. "I love being able to get feedback and realize other women are going through the same things at different times in their lives," Brooke told Women's Day about writing about her experiences. "It enables me to have a conversation and get a lot of opinions from around the world—it's very therapeutic for me."

2 Sometimes Bribes Are Okay

Brooke Burke is a known health fanatic. She's made a habit of taking care of herself, which means working out regularly and eating well. She's passed on these values to her kids, but sometimes kids don't always want to go the healthy route.

To combat this, Brooke has said that she teaches her kids to eat the "colors of the rainbow." She also believes in sitting down and eating dinner as a family. But when all else fails, she's not afraid to bribe her kids with treats to get them to eat their vegetables.

1 Letting Your Kids Grow Up Isn't Easy, But It's Necessary

No parent really wants their children to grow up. Of course they want to see them grow, develop, and flourish, but the thought of them one day leaving the nest usually causes them anxiety. Brooke Burke also felt that way when her oldest daughter turned eighteen.

In a blog post on Modern Mom, Brooke shared how hard it was for her to accept that her daughter was an adult and would be going on to live her own life. It took time, but she eventually learned that though she and her daughter's relationship must transition, she will always be her baby.

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