10 Parenting Rules We Learned On Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls was released throughout the 2000s and even though the original series ended over ten years ago, the mother-daughter relationship is one every mother wants. This show follows a single mother, Lorelai, and teenage daughter, Rory, and their everyday lives. Throughout the series, Gilmore Girls has shown us what a committed mother really has to handle and go through to have your child be successful. That is why this show has touched the hearts of millions of fans as people pick up tips on how to have a relationship like theirs. So keep reading to discover Lorelai’s top parenting rules!

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10 Be Friends With Your Kids

Back in the '80s, parents have never dreamed or wanted to be friends with their kids. But now this is all that parents want for themselves and their children. And Lorelai does a fantastic job of balancing being friends with Rory and being her Mom. We see endless times when Lorelai and Rory are not just having a mother-daughter relationship, but they seem to be best friends too. From talking about boys to problems they had in their day, they are always there for each other not just as family members, but as friends too.

9 Build A Support System

Lorelai is a strong, independent, mother who has been single-handedly taking care of herself and her daughter since she was sixteen. And though it seems like Lorelai does it all, she relies on the support system she has built for her and Rory at times. From Lorelai’s friends, Sookie brings there for them for whatever they need, or Michel helping Rory practice her French, they are always around people that love them. And building a support system means sometimes mending a broken relationship with your parents... like Lorelai did to have them help with Rory’s tuition.

8 Encourage Your Children

It is easy to tell, even from the first episode, that Lorelai always encourages Rory to be her best and to keep reaching for the dreams she wants. Before deciding to go to Yale, Rory had her mind set on going to Harvard. 

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And we all know that Harvard is one of the most competitive schools to get into in the United States. But with the support Lorelai gives Rory, she was able to go to any college she wanted too. And you should encourage your kids to follow their dreams as well, even if the odds are slim.

7 Keep Up Family Traditions

Lorelai was not someone who loved her childhood growing up. There were many rules and traditions that Lorelai needed to follow to please her old fashioned parents. And even though many of the things that Emily (Lorelai’s mother) wanted Rory to partake in was something Lorelai hated, she still would let Rory participate in these traditions. This is best seen in the episode when Rory wants to participate in the debutante ball her grandma mentioned. So remember that family traditions may seem silly at times, but are meaningful for your family.

6 Know When To Play The “Mom Card”

Lorelai and Rory break the stereotype of a mother-daughter relationship and are best friends. But even though they are best friends, Lorelai knows when she needs to put her foot down and play the “mom card.” 

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Though Lorelai will always try to use her humor and try to just talk to Rory, at the end of the day Rory is a teenager and makes mistakes. And it might be hard for you to play your “mom card” at times and your kids will hate when you do it. But you are the parent and you know best.

5 Travel With Your Kids

Traveling is something that is definitely a luxury, especially when you are on a budget. But traveling with your kids is a great way for you to bond and for you to build lifelong memories with them. And in Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory end up going on a backpacking trip across Europe the summer before Rory goes to college. And when they get back from the trip they are different people and even closer than they were before they left. You don’t need to go to a different country to make these memories since any travel with your kids will be memorable.

4 Teach Them About Work Ethic

Something every child learns at some point in their lives is that nothing is free. And Lorelai comes from a hard-working family, who are able to live a lavish upper-class lifestyle due to her father's hard work. And Rory knows that even though her mother came from money, she had to work hard to get to be the manager of the inn and to provide the life they have. 

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This work ethic was taught to Rory so she can study and work hard so she can get into Chilton Academy and then into an ivy league college. And this hard work ethic is something that you need to teach your kids so they can be successful.

3 Don’t Judge Their Relationships

Seeing your little one grow up is hard. Especially when they are starting to date. And you might want to give them your two cents about what you think of their boyfriend or girlfriend, but you should just keep those opinions to yourself. This is your kid's time, just like Rory, to figure out what they are looking for in a partner. And even though they might date the wrong person at times, as long as there are no bad signs of anything major happening in the relationship, you need to let your kids figure it out themselves.

2 Let Them Know Their Family

Family will always be there for each other, no matter how rocky a relationship is between the family members. Even though Lorelai and her parents do not get along at times Rory is always able to talk to her grandparents. And even when Lorelai wants Rory to be careful around her father, Chris, Rory is still able to form her own opinions about him. 

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This lets Rory be able to judge for herself what she thinks about her family. And you should let your kids do the same thing. Because when things get tough your family will be there and they will be there for your little one too!

1 Communication Is Key

At the end of the day, the only true aspect that will really make a relationship is communication. And Lorelai always communicates with Rory about everything. It doesn’t matter if it is about how Lorelai had to ask for parents for tuition money for Rory, to thinking the outfit that Rory is wearing is cute, they always communicate. And this communication is open for Rory to talk to her mother about anything too. Through their communication, they are able to build trust and friendship with each other. So next time your children come up to tell you something take time to listen to them and see what is really going on with them.

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