10 Parenting Rules From Hilary Duff

As many of her fans already know, Hilary Duff is the kind of celebrity mother that likes to keep things real. She admits that, as a young mom, she doesn’t have all the answers, but at the same time, she’s not looking for them, either. What makes Hilary Duff’s situation so unique is that she’s a young mom that is still navigating her way through Hollywood while trying to raise her family the best way she can at home.

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Along with her ex, Mike Comrie, and her new partner Matthew Koma, Hilary’s blended family are all putting in their best effort to raise their children, Luca Cruz and Banks Violet. And while it might not seem like an ideal situation for most, Hilary is making the best of it.

10 She’s Honest About Divorce

A lot of people would like for their fans to think they’ve got all the answers when it comes to make-ups and break-ups. They also like to put on a show and pretend that they are best friends with their ex-partner. They make believe that things are not only cordial between them, but that everyone lives as one happy, healthy family.

Hilary admits that it’s not that way with her. She once said, “Some of my friends tell me, ‘It must be so nice, you get a break from your kid because you share him.’ I’m divorced, and it sucks.”

9 She Doesn’t Strive For Perfection

As a young Hollywood mom, Hilary isn’t the kind of person who strives for perfection. Her social media posts aren’t always picture perfect, and she lets her fans know that she has just as many good days as she does bad days.

She also admits that raising her two kids with her ex-partner and her current partner does have its challenges because not everyone is on the same page at all times. She once said (via ET Online): "It’s hard to say that you really can have it all. I think you can to a certain degree, but fully loaded, pedal-all-the-way-down is tough. You’re missing out on something, either on the career or on the family."

8 How She Faces Her Critics

For some reason that just can’t be explained, Hilary Duff’s critics just love to pick on her. Maybe it’s because she’s so young or maybe because she’s always in the spotlight. They like to pick apart all of the things she does and some of the decisions she makes regarding the way she parents her kids.

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For Hilary and her kids, this is a good reminder that you shouldn’t always listen to the peanut gallery and that sometimes, a thick skin is needed. "Everything I do feels judged or picked apart, and the whole world gets to know about it,” Duff said.

7 The Judgement She Gets From Other Moms

Hilary Duff might have millions of fans from all over the world, but she’s also got her fair share of critics too, both online and in-person as well. The blonde beauty has admitted in the past that she often gets judgment from some of the moms that are in her social circle and in her neighborhood.

But that doesn’t stop her from raising her kids the way she deems right. After all, it’s not like they are helping her raise her kids, right? "For example, I felt judged when I decided to start supplementing with formula after seven months," she told Yahoo.

6 She’s Not A Fan Of Oil Remedies

Hilary admits that when it comes to the way she parents her kids, she likes to take the conventional route. She’s not into all of the natural and organic remedies that you often see with many Hollywood or even Los Angeles-based moms. Being chemical-free and completely natural seems to be the parenting trend these days.

In other words, she likes to listen to her own intuition when it comes to making big, life-long decisions. Hilary once told Yahoo, "Or when we got my son vaccinated or put him on antibiotics for an ear infection. People were like, 'You should really try oil remedies.'”

5 She Admits To Feeling Fatigued

Hilary Duff admits that she is a tired mom. But then again, aren’t we all? Even though she has the means to get all of the extra help that she can get in the form of nannies and housekeepers, she likes to be a hands-on mother. And being a hands-on mother means sleepless nights, always being on your toes, and never having a day off for yourself.

That’s why Hilary has decided to make a few adjustments in her life and for her benefit. Hilary has said, “I think asking for help on a tired day isn’t a sign of weakness. A lot of changes have come into your life quickly and it’s important to take time for yourself!”

4 She’s Still Learning Every Day

Even though Hilary Duff has a huge support system in the form of her best friends and her close family members, she does admit that she’s still learning new things about parenting every day. She also says that she gets so surprised by how things move so quickly, especially when her kids move on to new ages and stages throughout the years.

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Hilary put it this way, “I think it’s really isolating — everything just changes so quickly. Your life is not your life anymore. I put so much pressure on myself to do everything right, and so do all mothers.”

3 She’s Navigating The Pitfalls Of Parenting Herself

Even though Hilary and Mike Comrie do a great job of co-parenting together, and even though she also has Matthew Koma by her side, Hilary says that sometimes she does feel lonely, pressured, and unsure about what tomorrow will bring.

She told HuffPost in an interview, “You think because you carried a baby inside you and you’re so close to them, you think you should know all the answers. You put a lot of pressure on yourself. So be proud of yourself and take time for yourself, [which] is not always easy to do when you’re in the thick of it.”

2 She Wants Her Kids To Grow Outside The Hollywood Bubble

Sure, Hilary Duff might a huge singer and actress in her own right and a household name, but she doesn’t want her children to grow inside a Hollywood bubble. She wants to give them the same normal upbringing that she got during her own childhood.

That’s why she relies mostly on her family for help, especially when she’s feeling fed up or the going gets tough. She told ET Canada, “In our family, we strive for normalcy. We are a normal family with not-so-normal jobs, not-so-normal upbringings. But we have family dinner every Sunday, and our get-togethers always revolve around food.”

1 Honesty Is The Best Policy

If there is one thing that we know about Hilary Duff, it's that she's a rather open and honest person. She also doesn't apologize for who she is, how she parents, or any of the decisions that she makes as a parent. That's also one of the reasons why her fans love her so much.

Hilary has made it pretty clear that she always plans on being there for her children. She wants to listen to them as much as she wants to teach them and show them the world. Even though she might have her self doubts from time to time, it sounds to us as though she's got this thing called motherhood down pretty well!

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