10 Parenting Rules Katie Holmes Follows

Katie Holmes is a beautiful and talented actress who has certainly produced some interesting films throughout her career. But sometimes her real life seems much more intriguing than what her fans see on the big (or the small) screen.

While the actress’s marriage to actor Tom Cruise was rather odd (which is part of the reason she has become as private as she is these days) it seems that Katie did get at least one good thing out of it: her little girl, Suri. Holmes seems to be doing a great job as a mother. Here are some parenting tips the actress uses.

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10 Katie Tries To Keep Suri Out Of The Spotlight

Since Holmes is so famous, it is hard to keep herself and Suri from appearing in some paparazzi photos, but Holmes actually tries really hard to keep her little one out of the public eye. In fact, she rarely even posts photos of her daughter on the internet.

The actress claimed that she thinks Instagram is similar to a magazine, so maybe that is why she does not post many details about her private life on there. Holmes spends a great deal of time thinking about what she posts online, since she is very careful about every post she makes.

9 Suri Is Allowed To Leave The House Without Her Mom If She Wants To

Holmes is a lot like many other mothers, but she does allow her daughter to leave the house without her, which is not something many other parents would do. Another fun little tidbit is that the little girl even has a driver that basically works for her.

Suri’s driver takes her anywhere she wants to go, even if her mom is not tagging along. But there is one little catch: in order for Suri to go anywhere without her mom, she does have to bring her nanny and bodyguard along with her, which is a completely reasonable rule for her mother to have.

8 Let Kids Follow Their Creative Passions

Suri and her mother are often seen attending Suri’s dance classes, and Holmes claimed that the tiny dancer really enjoys practicing ballet. Moms all around the world are often seen taking their children to dance lessons, and Holmes is certainly not the first famous mother to do this.

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Actresses Jennifer Garner, Isla Fisher, and Angelina Jolie have all taken their little ones to dance classes. Model Heidi Klum is another mom who lets her daughter embrace her creative side by letting her take dance lessons as well. Dance lessons are a great way for kids to socialize while learning new skills.

7 Suri Is Not Allowed To Pose For Magazine Covers

Holmes wants her daughter to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible, which apparently means that she does not want Suri to be seen on the cover of any magazines any time soon. Lots of parents probably understand that, since many of them just want their children to have a normal childhood.

Holmes really is not that different from other moms. In the past, she has made it very clear that she wishes to raise her little girl with little to no Hollywood influences. Honestly, it seems as though she is doing a great job at making sure Suri has the most normal upbringing that she possibly can.

6 Katie Limits Suri’s Screen Time

Suri has her own cell phone, but Holmes has some pretty strict rules on when she can use it, much like lots of other parents do. Since Holmes does everything she can to make sure that her daughter has a fun and enjoyable childhood, she limits the amount of time Suri spends on her phone so that she can be sure Suri spends enough time enjoying other things.

Apparently, Holmes only allows her daughter to use her phone during the weekend. The little one has been spotted using her phone many times while spending time out and about with her mother.

5 Suri’s Mother Does Not Want Her To Follow In Her Footsteps

This might not come as a huge surprise, but Holmes does not want her daughter to become a movie star like she did. But Suri may not share the same wishes about her future.

During a visit with Holmes, Suri saw firsthand what her mother does for a living, and she liked what she saw. There are some rumors that Suri decided she would like to become a famous movie star, much like her mother and father. The little girl was fascinated by the costumes, as well as some of the other things she saw, while watching her mother work. Holmes then enrolled Suri in an acting class.

4 Katie Encourages Suri’s Charitable Side

Suri might have basically everything she could ever want, but that does not mean that she doesn’t enjoy helping others by giving away some of her things. Holmes is very involved with an organization called Glad to Give, and her charitable ways are rubbing off on little Suri.

Suri is an incredibly generous and sensitive young lady. Instead of throwing her old toys away, she prefers to give them to children who will get years of fun out of them, just like she did. She and her mother donate their belongings frequently. It seems that her mother’s generous nature has been a very good influence on Suri.

3 Suri Has Playdates

Holmes wants to ensure that little Suri has a wonderful childhood, which means that she occasionally takes part in some awesome playdates with her friends. There have been many times when this adorable little girl was spotted enjoying the day with her friends, some of which are her classmates.

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Sometimes she and her buddies are seen walking throughout the city, and other times they can be seen hanging out on the playground. This is a really good thing, since playdates play an important role in a child’s development. Children need to have some uninterrupted time with their best friends, since it helps them sharpen their social skills.

2 Katie Accepts That Suri Will Be Grown Up Soon

Holmes tries to savor every single second she has with her little one, but she also knows that she will not always need to take care of Suri. Many parents will likely agree that one of the hardest parts of raising children is letting go.

Suri is getting older, and she is becoming more independent, and her mother knows that is actually a good thing. But it is also pretty sad, according to Holmes.

Holmes claimed that she will be quite sad when Suri is all grown up. It seems that the actress is thoroughly enjoying her role as a mother.

1 Katie Makes Sure Suri Really Enjoys Christmas

Parents tend to feel a lot of pressure around the holidays, and Holmes is no different since she tries to make sure her daughter gets everything she wants for Christmas. According to Holmes, Suri is a girl who knows exactly what she wants, and she knows how to get it.

Suri writes very organized Christmas lists, and she even wrote one a few weeks early a couple of years ago. In 2014, the little one handed in her list at least a month before Christmas. Holmes panicked a little bit when she received the list because she was afraid she would accidentally skip one of the items on it.

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