10 Parenting Rules Megan Fox Follows

Actress Megan Fox has accomplished quite a lot throughout her life. One of her biggest accomplishments was becoming a mother to her three children.

Their names are Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Since becoming a mom, Fox has been heavily criticized a few times concerning some of the choices she makes when it comes to her kids.

But the actress really enjoys being a mom, and she seems to be fulfilling her new role rather nicely. Raising children in the spotlight has to be really hard, but it seems as though Fox a natural at it. Here are some parenting rules she follows.

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10 There’s Nothing Wrong With Using A Night Nurse

Fox has been pretty open about a lot of things, including the fact that she and Green have hired a night nurse before. The star told her husband that they had to hire one so that she and Breen could get more sleep.

There are a lot of moms out there who do not hire them, but that does not mean that there is anything wrong with doing that. Motherhood is not the same for everyone.

Being a mom is wonderful, but sometimes taking care of a new baby is overwhelming. Moms have to take care of themselves as well, so there is nothing wrong with getting help sometimes.

9 Her Children Affect The Roles She Chooses Now

Fox is no longer going to take on mature roles in movies or television. That is because she wants to star in things that her children will be able to watch.

Many mothers know that having children definitely changes a person in every way possible. Fox is likely to agree with this, since she claimed that having kids changes a person’s perspective on things.

The star is worried about what will happen in the future. She does not want any of her past photos or roles to make her children feel embarrassed, which is why she is only going to be a part of things that are family-friendly from now on. “I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when he’s in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified,” said Fox.

8 Megan Is Cool With Her Boys Wearing Dresses

Fox is not very strict about what her little ones wear, so she does not think it is a big deal to let her boys wear dresses on occasion. There are a lot of people who have spoken out against this, but some fans have defended Fox and her parenting choices.

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The actress had a rather strict upbringing, and she does not wish to bring her children up the same way, so she does not keep them from wearing whatever they want to wear. Instead, the actress encourages it, and she claimed that there are no rules in her house when it comes to the outfits her boys choose to put on.

7 Her Kids Are Not Allowed To Watch TV

Fox and Green both work in the entertainment industry, but they do not let their children watch television. Some mothers limit the amount of time their offspring spend in front of the small screen, but Fox forbids it completely.

The actress believes it is best not to allow her kids to watch tv because she thinks it can have a negative impact on young people whose brains have not yet stopped developing.

But she will allow them to sit in front of a television to watch movies. The actress lets her little boys watch certain movies that she carefully selects.

6 She Encourages Her Children Not To Use Electronics

Fox is trying to keep her children away from all forms of technology, not just television. Apparently, it looks as though the actress will not be purchasing any iPhones or iPads for her kids anytime soon.

Instead, she wants them to explore more creative things while they are growing up, and she also hopes that her children will be big fans of nature. Fox is not sure how much her boys may or may not love technology when they are older, but she knows they will decide on that at some point. Fox believes that some moms and dads use technology as a babysitter, and she does not want to do that.

5 Very Little Junk Food Is Allowed In The House

Fox is very healthy, so the fact that she does not allow much junk food to enter her house is not a huge surprise. Fox prefers to have a very clean diet, and she controls what gets put into her refrigerator.

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But her husband is not as strict with food. The actor actually really likes junk food, so there are times when she will bring some home just to surprise him. He must be a huge fan of cake, since Fox has talked about getting him one before. But as far as Fox and her kids go, it seems that they do not eat junk food very often.

4 She Knows Childbirth Can Sometimes Be More Painful Than She Expects It To Be

Fox was in for a bit of a surprise when she ended up getting an epidural after months of planning to have a natural birth. When Fox went into labor with her oldest child, she began screaming for an epidural during the trip to the hospital.

Fox was previously under the impression that labor and delivery would not be that bad, and that she could deal with it. But it did not take long for her to start singing a different tune.

But pain was not the only thing on her mind when she went into labor. Her hair was wet, and she did not want to go to the hospital with wet hair, so she tried to dry it before they left.

3 She Lets Her Little Ones Have Long Hair

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Fox lets her children wear dresses, and she also does not mind them having long hair. But according to some of the comments that were left on an Instagram post of hers, there are plenty of other people who do not think it is right for her to let her boys have long hair.

Recently, the star posted an image of two of her sons, Noah and Bodhi, having a great time on the beach. Some people had plenty of negative things to say about their hair, but there were also a lot of people who came to Fox’s defense. Fox is a strong mom, and she does not let the criticism bother her.

2 The Money She Earns From Films Goes To Their College Fund

Fox is planning on saving the money she gets from her films so that she can afford to pay for her children to go to college when they get older. The actress also hopes that she can be a part of projects that allow her to spend as much time as possible with her children.

Fox wishes to make approximately one film each year, and she wants to use the money to make sure her kids have the best future that they possibly can. Part of the reason behind her decision to work on only one film a year came from her feeling guilty about being away from her children.

1 She Does Not Bring Her Kids To Work With Her

Fox does not like to bring her kids to the sets of any films she works on. The star did that one time, and she quickly decided that it was not going to happen again.

When her oldest son visited her while she was filming a movie, he ended up walking away with a few minor injuries after he tripped over a wire. Afterward, Fox came to the decision that she would no longer allow her kids to come to any of her film sets since they can be very dangerous places for little ones. Moms tend to worry about their offspring a lot, and Fox is definitely no different.

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