10 Parenting Rules To Follow By Modern Family Mom Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen is known as playing one of America’s favorite T.V. Moms in Modern Family. In Modern Family, Bowen plays wife and Mom, Claire Dunphy, who is the mother of three kids. And in real life, Bowen has three kids of her own with her now ex-husband, realtor Scott Phillips. Bowen has three adorable little boys, Oliver, John, and Gustav, and is now co-parenting with her ex to show a strong parental front with her children. With Bowen playing a mom of three on T.V. and raising three children of her own in real life, Bowen has some parenting rules you might even want to borrow and use with your own family. So keep reading to discover ten parenting rules that Julie Bowen follows.

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10 Your Kids Are Who They Need To Be

Finding out that you are expecting a child is exciting. You and your partner’s mind will start fantasizing about what they will be like and what you will introduce your little one too. But not every kid is going to want to do the activities that you did as a child. And of course, you want the best for your kids, but you need them to be able to be themselves. In an interview with Parents, Bowen talked about how her kids are exactly who they need to be and she does not try to push them into activities that they are not interested in.

9 9.0 Raise Your Kids To Be Respectful

Teaching your kids about proper behaviors can take some time. There are plenty of things that kids need to learn to be a good member of society. According to SheKnows, Bowen stated that raising three boys can be challenging, especially when Bowen, herself, grew up with only sisters. So she and her ex-husband are making it a point to raise their sons to be respectful. And she wants them to be respectful to everyone, including their parents, elders, and of course, women. We applaud Bowen for making sure to teach her kids to be respectful and starting it at a young age.

8 Let Them Release Their Energy

Kids are known for their high energy and their need for constant stimulation. And even though at times it can be exhausting to have them running around all day, they need some way to get their energy out. And with having three boys Bowen knows how important it is to let her kids get their energy out. 

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When she spoke with Today, Bowen shared stories about how her boys love to run around and play. She knows that in order for them to calm down a little she needs to let them have their fun during the day!

7 Kids Need Some Consistency

Kids need structure in their lives. Even if they complain about a routine, their brains need it. And when you are separated from your partner, like Bowen is, consistency is going to become an even bigger priority in your family’s lives. In an interview with People, Bowen talked about how her ex-husband is always there for the kids when she is working. It’s this type of co-parenting your kids are going to need while they continue to grow. So talk to your partner about what you two can do to add more consistency in your kids’ life.

6 It’s Okay To Be Friends With Your Kids

Being friends with your kids is something that many parents are starting to do as a new type of parenting style. Bowen is one who is supportive of being friends with her little ones, and according to Parents, Bowen enjoys being friends with her kids because it creates a stronger bond with her and her sons. 

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This bond will let them be able to talk to Bowen about anything on their minds. We love the fact that Bowen is open to having this type of relationship with her kids!

5 Let Them Be Independent

Bowen told People that her mother raised her and her sisters to be independent, and this is a trait that she wants to pass on to her boys. Being independent is a great chance for your kids to show off how responsible they can be. Their independence can range from having them make their own meals or taking responsibility for their mistakes. No matter what is it giving your kids even just a little bit of independence is going to make them feel special. A sense of accomplishment also comes with letting your kids be independent.

4 Set Rules

Just like children need consistency in their lives, they also need parents to set rules for them too. Setting rules for your children is a great way for them to know what they cannot do and that if they break the rules there will be consequences, just like what would happen in the real world. 

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When talking to People, Bowen discussed that she believes the importance of rules when it comes to her three boys. Rules will help keep your children in line and overall make them behave better.

3 Every Mom Experiences Mom Guilt

When a mom takes time for herself to even leave her kids to go to work many Moms feel guilty about not being with their kids, and this feeling is known as mom guilt. It doesn’t matter who you are, every mom knows the feeling of mom guilt. According to People, Bowen has experienced this feeling when she leaves her sons so she can work. Though this feeling can be hard to get past, parents need to be able to go to work to provide for their family. And there is nothing wrong with Moms going out and spending time on their own.

2 Make Friends With Other Parents

When you are raising kids it is important for you to find other parents you can talk to. Being friends with other parents is great for a few reasons. First, you know they have kids and you can have your kids play with them for a playdate. 

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Being friends with other Moms will also give you the chance to talk to people who are going through what you are going through. CafeMom has reported that Bowen loves to befriend other parents, and she finds that her group of Mom friends are always there for her.

1 Love Your Kids With All Of Your Heart

Kids are not always on their best behavior. And it’s just them figuring out the world and how they fit into it. And we know that no matter what happens you love your kids with your whole heart. So when Bowen was with Today, she expresses that no matter how crazy her kids act or if they do something that she disapproves of she always loves her sons with all of her heart. She knows at the end of the day she is a better person because of them!

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