10 Parenting Rules We Learned On Modern Family

Since 2009, Modern Family has been releasing new episodes about a huge family and their everyday lives. This show has been loved by millions of fans. And seeing how all of the parents interact and teach their kids valuable lessons, we as viewers learn some great parenting tips along the way.

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It doesn't matter how old your kids are and if they were biological or adopted, Modern Family has covered it all. And with ten seasons you know that this great feel-good show has covered lighthearted and serious topics. So learn some new rules from the funniest, diverse family on TV with Modern Family!

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10 Celebrate The Small Things

In the show we see Mitch and Cam try to figure out parenting after they adopted their beautiful little girl, Lilly. And as Lily is growing and learning throughout the series, Mitch and Cam learn to celebrate the little things she is able to learn and accomplish.

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The little things that they celebrate can be anything from her smiling at them as a baby, or her making friends as a young kid. But Lilly’s parents are always proud of her no matter what! So start celebrating the small things that your kids do just as Mitch and Cam did.

9 Live In The Moment

It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle of life. As a parent, you need to be successful in your job, while taking care of your kids and the house all at once. And this stress can catch up to anyone. And Modern Family does a great job to show people that every once and only you need to stop what you're doing and just focus on your family and live in the moment. This is best seen in an episode when they family rushes to get Christmas done early, but realized that them being all together is the best part of the holiday. So take a second to live in the moment of life and don’t just think about the next thing you have to get down.

8 Own Your Mistakes

It is important to teach your kids about responsibility and to recognize their mistakes after they made them. And in Modern Family you see both the kids and the parents, take responsibility for the mistakes that they have made.

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These mistakes could be anything from assuming something incorrect about your kids or cheating on a test. It was important for the parents to set an example for their kids and teach them the importance of saying “I’m sorry.” So make sure to teach your kids that making mistakes is okay and to take personalities when they did something wrong.

7 There Are No Perfect Parents

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are and how many parenting classes or books you have read, you will never be a perfect parent. And ass heard as it is to admit it, once you do you will feel better about how you are raising your kids. In Modern Family, we see time and time again when the parents made the wrong choice for them and their families And you will make mistakes too when it comes to raising your kids. What Modern Family does teach us that if we are trying our best as parents and we love our kids with all of our hearts then you are doing a great job with them!

6 Remember Being A Teenager Is Tough

There comes a time when the little sweet kids you love grow up and hit a stage in their life when they might try to rebel or may not just listen to you as much as they once did. And Claire constantly tells her husband Phil about the stunts she tried to pull her she was her kid's age.

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Remembering back to your teenage years will help you remember how you felt and acted like at that age. And it can help you talk to your kids and let you understand that being a teenager no matter what decade you grow up in is tough.

5 Let Your Kids Be Themselves

Every child has their own unique personality and interest that makes them special. And even though you might want to push your kids to do something that you did when you were their age, you need to remember that this is their life. Gloria and Jay do a great job in this area of parenting when it comes to Gloria's son and Jay’s stepson, Manny. Manny is not your typical kid and loves to stand out, loves theater, and performing. And sure this might get him picked on every once in a while, his parents always remind him to do the things that he loves and no to let anyone have him feel less for it!

4 Get Involved With Your Kids

When it comes to Jay’s character he is not one to show emotion and doesn’t like to do anything that isn’t “manly.” And a result of this he can sometimes have a prickly relationship with his daughter, Claire. But at the end of the day no matter what age Claire is, Jay always gets involved with what Claire is doing.

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As a kid it was Jay that encouraged her to get into sports to help her competitive side. And even as an adult Jay was the one who supported Claire when she went back to work after being a stay-at-home Mom for several years. So remember that getting involved with your kids isn’t just a thing to do when they are young.

3 Let Your Kids Dream

Throughout the series the parents of the kids always want their kids to believe that they can do anything. But unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to keep encouraging your kids to dream about something that may feel impossible or out of reach. And in an episode of Modern Family, the parents are put against each other by being too much of a dreamer and optimist and the others of being too much of a downer and realist. But throughout the episode, we learn that it is important to surround yourself with both types of people. Ones that can help you dream and ones that can keep your feet on the ground.

2 Don’t Push Your Kids Too Much

It is only natural to want your kids to succeed at whatever they do in life and to live a better life than you. You want your kids to do well in social situations, in school, and in sports, but you need to find the balance of encouraging your kids and not pushing them too far to burn out.

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And Claire and Phil love the fact their daughter Alex is great at school and they want her to do her best. But the also learn that they need to make sure to remind Alex that she is a child and needs to have fun in her days too.

1 It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

One of the best parts of Modern Family is how true it is when it comes to raising just one child. Throughout every episode, you will see parents help each other out when it comes to their kids because it truly takes a village to raise a child. And this family realized that in areas that they might not be experts on they can rely on the help of their close ones to step in and help them through this problem. Remember that you alone cannot raise a child, but a group of people who love and support you can.

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