10 Parenting Rules Nicole Kidman Follows

Actress Nicole Kidman has really blossomed as a mother. The talented movie star is the mother to four children; Connor, Isabella, Sunday, and Faith.

To her fans, it might look like Kidman is the perfect mother, and that she does not have the same issues and concerns as other parents do. But that is not the truth. Like other parents, Kidman has a lot of worries when it comes to her children.

The actress knows that her children will make mistakes sometimes, and she sometimes has trouble accepting that. The actress even claimed that she has helicopter parent tendencies. But that just makes her seem that much more relatable to parents around the world. Here are some of the parenting rules Kidman uses with her kids.

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10 She Takes The Kids To Concerts

Kidman might be a very busy woman, but she does not let her career get in the way of taking her children to do fun things that they love, including going to concerts. In fact, the actress’s family seems to have made a tradition out of going to Kidz Bop concerts.

Kidman and her children are not the only famous people who are big fans of this band. Another celebrity mother who is a fan of the group is fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham. Barbara Streisand, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones are the only musical artists who have ever had more top 10 albums than Kidz Bop,

9 Nicole Makes Sacrifices Sometimes

Every parent has to make some sacrifices sometimes, and Kidman is no different. But this is not something the movie star is upset about. She knows that in order to be a good wife and mother, there are simply some opportunities that she will have to pass up.

Kidman knows that time is a precious thing, and her children won’t be little forever, so that is why she has been choosing to spend a great deal of time at home with her family.

But when the actress is at home, she is a big fan of enforcing rules. They don’t even use electronics that much. “We don’t even have a TV in our bedroom,” said Kidman.

8 Family Pictures Don’t Get Posted Online

Kidman spends a lot of her time in the spotlight due to her popularity, but she is much more private when it comes to her personal life. While lots of other celebrities are very open about certain things when it comes to their families, this movie star doesn’t always like to let the public in on what happens behind closed doors, especially where her kids are concerned.

If she is ever tempted to post pictures of her adorable kids on social media, it is certainly hard to tell. It seems that the busy mom of three hardly ever does.

7 She And Keith Show The Kids How Things Should Be

Kidman and her husband, country music star Keith Urban, both know that they have to be great examples for their little ones, so they show them how important it is for parents to love and respect one another. This seems to be working, since one of their children even spoke to Kidman about how affectionate they are to each other.

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My daughter said to me, ‘You and Daddy kiss all the time.’ I thought, ‘That’s such a fantastic thing for your daughter to say to you.’ And that’s my passion,” said Kidman. It seems that Kidman and Urban are a great team when it comes to marriage and parenting.

6 They Travel

Kidman is from Australia, and she takes the kids there as often as she can. Since Kidman is an actress, that means she usually has to travel a lot.

Kidman is not a huge fan of being away from her family, so she often makes sure that her two youngest children can accompany her during these trips as often as possible. When the actress played Grace Kelly in the film Grace a few years ago, her little ones stayed with her for a few weeks. It can be hard for celebrities to balance their personal lives with their careers, but it seems that Kidman is doing a great job of it.

5 She Wishes She Had More Children

While four kids might seem like more than enough for some people, the actress wishes she had more of them. The movie star has spoken about the fact that she would have loved to have added few more little ones to her beautiful family.

I love raising children. They make me feel good, and I love being around, and I love the ups and downs, and I love watching them grow and the things they say and teach,” said Kidman. But as much as Urban supports his wife’s dreams, he does not think they should try to have more kids.

4 Her Adoptive Children Were The Reason She Took A Certain Role

Kidman’s children affect the roles she chooses to play, and she even picked one because of her two oldest children, Connor and Isabella. A few years ago, the actress starred in a film called Lion in which she played an adoptive mom, and she claimed that they were part of the reason she chose to be a part of the movie.

The actress thinks of herself taking this role as a “love letter” to them. The movie star adopted both of them years ago when she was still married to actor Tom Cruise. Apparently, Kidman gets very emotional when she discusses that movie.

3 She Stays Strong For Her Kids

When Kidman goes through something tough, her children are what keeps her strong. The actress faced some pretty hard times a few years ago when she lost her father, and she wanted to hide from the public eye, but having her children at her side helped Kidman get through it.

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I have a four-year-old and a six-year-old, and just hearing their laugh…it’s life in its most powerful form,” Kidman said. Since the actress is so popular, she also had the support of her fans. She used social media to thank everyone who showed her love and support during that tough point in her life.

2 Nicole’s Kids Spend A Lot Of Time Playing Outside

Kidman prefers that her two youngest children stay away from social media as long as possible, so she tries to ensure that they spend a lot of time outside. “My kids right now, they’re not on social media. There’s no need. My kids literally have a tree house and play in the backyard,” she said.

The actress wants her children to enjoy doing things like riding their bikes, and playing in the yard. Being able to play and be physically active is very important for young children, so Kidman is trying to make sure that Sunday and Faith get plenty of time and space to do it.

1 She Showed Her Husband How To Raise Girls

Before Sunday and Faith came along, Urban had no idea how to raise little girls, so Kidman had to show him. Urban grew up in a household full of boys, which is a lot different.

(Nicole’s) teaching me a lot about how to raise children, especially girls,” said Urban. But even though Kidman already had some parenting experience, she was still in for a few surprises when her youngest children were born.

Apparently, her children do not like it when she picks them up from school while wearing jeans or sweatpants. They prefer her to fix her hair and wear high heels before she picks them up.

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